Clemmons law firms to merge

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Two Clemmons law firms will merge next week as three attorneys reach retirement age and two youngsters prepare to form their own firm.
Ed Brewer and Gil Davis, the first lawyers to establish a practice here in 1978, are closing their office on Stadium Drive and are moving into the Warren E. Kasper firm on Clemmons Road.
Brewer, Davis and Kasper plan to shift their status to “of counsel,” allowing them to continue practicing law and enjoy some retirement.
“You can work some and still be able to take long weekends and trips,” Davis said. “We’ve both been trying to get out of litigation.”
The combined law firm will adopt the name Kasper & Payne for David T. Kasper and George A. “Trip” Payne. Both of them joined Warren Kasper last year after graduating from law school.
They will do the heavy lifting of the law firm while the seniors gradually reduce their hours.
Both of the young partners said Tuesday they looked forward to practicing law with the benefit of the experience and wisdom of three elders in the practice.
“Between the three of us, we have over 120 years of experience,” said Warren Kasper. “We’ve got the gray-headed experience, and they have the youth and enthusiasm.”
Warren Kasper will continue to represent the Village of Clemmons.
Davis and Brewer were both Clemmons natives who worked elsewhere early in their careers. After chatting at a seminar about their futures, they decided to combine to form what would be the first law firm in the village.
“We’ve enjoyed it, had a good time. That was always my goal, to come back to Clemmons,” Brewer said. “I’ve got a wonderful family and have been blessed to be around them.”
Kasper moved his practice to Clemmons in 1980, moving into the building owned by the late Dr. Frank Nifong, where he remains today.
The building already bears the new “K&P” logo inside the building for the new law partnership.
Davis said he was delighted that the partnership will continue to have a Clemmons. Because the lawyers had maintained a cordial relationship over the years, the merger was easy. “We’ve been friends for …