Burglary suspects fall into lake after home invasion

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 3, 2013

The life of crime is perilous indeed.
Four people have been charged with storming into a High Rock Lake home at Southmont last month, threatening the homeowner and forcing him to open his safe. They tied up the fellow and helped themselves to his possessions, stuffing 10 pistols, $30,000 in cash and $60,000 in jewelry into a pillowcase — a very profitable night’s work.
Then they ran.
The bagman, however, fell into the lake and dropped the bag. Another of the robbers fished his buddy out of the water, but the guns, cash and jewelry were lost into the deep. Four suspects, two from Lewisville, one of Kernersville and the other from Lexington, have been arrested. Divers recovered the loot.
Dirt Pile Proves To Be Cheap Entertainment
For fun, there’s nothing quite so entertaining as a fresh pile of dirt for little boys. The three Robertson grandsons jumped on my dirt pile like professional miners and proceeded to dig.
“Any treasure in here, Papa?” young Whit asked.
He’s still in the pirate phase of his life.
There was no gold or treasure chest, but we did find lots of other valuables. Worms. And a toad. Soon enough, my hand should be covered in warts if that old wives tale is correct.
They dug holes, threw clods and searched in the dirt.
Then their mother lined them up for baths.
A lot of that dirt should be gone by the time they return. It’s destined for flower beds. My iris tubers arrived by mail on Monday. Their names are …