Bermuda Run splits over Post Office campaign

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bermuda Run took another step toward establishing its identify in last week’s Town Council meeting by narrowly approving a “Bermuda Run 27006” campaign in an agreement with Sum5 Communications.

The town has contested the U.S. Postal Service recognizing Advance, NC 27006 as the unique zip code for the area, despite Advance being an unincorporated community.

The deal with Sum5 to promote the initiative through social media and other means will have a one-time cost of $1,150 and an annualized cost for recurring items of $3,600.

It meets one of the objectives of the town’s Comprehensive Plan, but some council members weren’t buying it.

In fact, the vote among five council members was split with two in favor (Andy Hewitt and Jerry West), two opposed (Ed Coley and John Guglielmi) and one abstention (Shirley Cagle).

Town attorney Brian Williams had to call a recess during the meeting to check the statutes and determine policy in such a matter. He found that a board member could only be excused from voting for circumstances involving his or here financial or conduct issues, which weren’t the case with Cagle.

Williams then asked Cagle …