Ice storm punishes trees

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Friday was a bad day to be a tree. Freezing rain built up on the limbs overnight, and by morning Clemmons awoke to an ice palace outside.

Then winds began to rattle the heavily burdened limbs.

Pines were the worst to break, but already budding silver maples and elms, cedars and ornamentals seemed the worst victims.

Many came crashing down, blocking roads, littering lawns and making a mess. Electricity failed for many area homes. It was a morning without hot coffee for many. For those who ventured out in their cars, it was a morning of slipping and sliding. By noon, the roads were just slush, but Forsyth County students missed another day of school.

Winter continues to be slow to release its grip on us, despite the advance of March. Fortunately, Friday’s storm was followed by a beautiful weekend … that many spent cleaning up limbs.