Letters to the Editor, Oct. 30, 2015

Published 1:45 pm Friday, October 30, 2015

To the Editor:

Things to consider if you vote for the Clemmons Council November 3rd:

1-)       Jill Osborn apparently has absolutely zero qualifications for serving on the Clemmons Council. She has never served the community in any capacity or on any volunteer committee or in any way except as a part-time reporter for the “Courier.” Plus, It’s reported that she has never even attended a council meeting. Her only exposure to anything political in Clemmons at all was when she got involved in her brother’s campaign for mayor, where she managed to get herself sued for slander in the process. With no municipal government experience she’s apparently counting on cute yard signs to get elected. Unfortunately, it appears several citizens are buying into that concept again “hook, line and sinker,” with little or no regard for Jill’s lack of qualifications or what’s best for the community.

2-)       Bill Lawry has been referred to as a “loose cannon.” He promoted a move to allow concealed weapons be permitted in village hall and for retaining the cramped old library site.   He declared that the valued NC League of Municipalities, which has provided Clemmons valuable support and assistance for many years, “was a left-wing group, to which Clemmons should not be represented.” In addition, by repeatedly commandeering council meeting time to push his private agendas, he has hobbled the already inept Council’s ability to govern effectively without requiring nearly two dozen “closed sessions” in order to govern outside the public eye.

3-)       Norman Denny normally exhibits a myopic focus on expenses with little apparent interest or consideration of other important factors affecting the community. A most recent example was his vote for retaining the cramped old library site. But, contrary to his normal focus on expenses, he went along with Mayor Nelson, Bill Lawry and the other councilmen, to be instrumental in the unjustified forced resignation of the Town Manager at a cost of over $60,000.00+ to the Village and the termination of the Town Clerk, resulting in an $80,000.00+ lawsuit against the Village. One has to wonder where his real focus is?

Clemmons needs smarter more qualified council members who will serve the people and address the real problems of Clemmons rather than their own inflated egos.

Your vote for Mike Combest, Jack Ingle and Lanny Farmer will help secure a better more productive future for Clemmons.

Larry McClellan