Letters to the Editor

Published 9:31 am Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Little Richard’s

To the Editor:

What a great article you had on the front page dated February 25 where students’ learn about the barbecue/restaurant business. You highlighted Nick Karagiorgis, owner of Richard’s BBQ. What a great guy and business owner. I appreciate him taking the time to tell the students at Meadowlark what it takes to own a restaurant. He tells it like it is. I met Mr. Karagiorgis and his wife several weeks ago as a volunteer at Samaritan Ministries. At that time Little Richard’s was doing their annual full catered lunch/dinner donation at Samaritan Ministries complete with fancy long sleeve T-shirts for all volunteers and everyone that had a fantastic meal that day. Lexington Barbecue was first class and donated everything without fanfare that day. I came to learn right then that this business and the Karagiorgis’s are what we need more of in this community of ours. Thank you Nick, your family, and Lexington Barbeque for making this community and world a better place. You all are first class! Barr none!

Chris Billups

Member of Clemmons Kiwanis

Virginia Foxx

To the Editor:

Here’s what I like best about Virginia Foxx: she tells it like it is. Sure, that’s gotten her in hot water with some liberals in the news media. But I consider that a badge of honor. At a time when too many politicians are wishy-washy wafflers, Virginia Foxx is always ready to cut to the chase and explain why our conservative ideas will work and how they can make America stronger. So who cares if the liberals in Washington wish she’d pipe down? In my mind, if President Obama and his liberal friends are frustrated with Virginia Foxx, then she must be doing something right. We need more people like her who aren’t afraid to stand up and make the case for smaller government and lower taxes. We need more people like Virginia Foxx who have run a small business, who’ve created jobs and who understand what it feels like to have the IRS reach for their pocketbook again and again. I trust Virginia Foxx to get the job done because she is a fighter for her constituents and for her conservative principles. That’s why I’m voting for Virginia Foxx—and I hope you will too.

Ray Shore


Council’s purchase

To the Editor:

Is anyone else trying to figure out why Clemmons Council members Mike Rogers, Mary Cameron and Laney Farmer voted for Clemmons to pay 63 percent more than the tax value for land next to Village Hall? As our elected officials, aren’t they supposed to advocate for us, “the Clemmons taxpayer?” Shouldn’t they be negotiating lower prices on our behalf ? This property has been for sale for years. So why do we need to “over” pay for it now? I am growing increasingly concerned that the Council views our tax dollars much like an unlimited checkbook. I am willing to bet that if the Council was using their own money, this purchase would never have been agreed to. This project is a “gross misallocation of funds” and I am left trying to figure out why. With this kind of reckless spending, we can bet the Council will soon be letting us know that they need to raise our taxes.

Eugene Livengood