Hillary Clinton ‘double’ has local roots

Published 4:14 pm Thursday, September 15, 2016

You’ve heard about Hillary Clinton’s body double?

No? You must live under a rock and miss out on the latest conspiracy theories on Twitter about Hillary Clinton’s health.

Alert reader Frank Samuelson of Clemmons doesn’t live under a rock and apparently has high-speed Internet access at home. Deep in a website story, he noticed that a genuine Hillary Clinton impersonator, Teresa Lilly Barnwell of Palm Desert, California, once went to West Forsyth High School and Appalachian State.

Based on a comparison of their pictures, Teresa indeed looks a lot like Hillary. Maybe prettier. Same hair style. Same pantsuits.

Barnwell, 61, quit her regular job 23 years ago to work as a Clinton lookalike and has made a pretty good living in the process, appearing on TV and at lots of events. She owns lots of pantsuits, Mrs. Clinton’s signature clothing.

She has met Mrs. Clinton.

Her Facebook page includes a picture of her as a junior varsity cheerleader for West Forsyth and she occasionally posts messages to her old friends in Clemmons. She apparently attended her West Forsyth homecoming in 2012.

After Hillary Clinton collapsed Sunday and was swept away to her daughter’s house, Mrs. Clinton re-emerged a few hours later to declare she was feeling just fine. Internet conspiracy theorists suggested that was not the real Hillary.

Samuelson recalled the movie “Dave” in which actor Kevin Kline poses as a substitute president.

The body double conspiracy theories went into overdrive on Sunday. Mrs. Clinton miraculously emerged looking refreshed. Odd, considering she had staggered and had to be held up earlier. When she stepped out onto a New York City stree outside daughter Chelsea’s home, Secret Service agents and her usual handlers didn’t flank her as usual.


The Twitter posts suggested that it was all fake. That wasn’t the real Hillary. Could a former Clemmons girl be secretly posing as the next President of the United States?

Teresa Barnwell, of course, declares she will be voting for Hillary for very personal reasons. She’s benefitting nicely from posing as a potential president. And all the rumors about a body double may enhance her appearance fees.

No matter who wins this election, we are in for a fresh diet of conspiracies about either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Teresa Barnwell is making hay in the meantime.

• • • • •

On the Republican side, Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight appeared in Clemmons on Tuesday to promote his presidential choice, Donald Trump. He helped open a political office at Historic Broyhill. Ed Broyhill acknowledged the crowd might have been larger — and younger — if Voight had sent his daughter, actress Angelina Jolie and hubby Brad Pitt. We older folks remember Voight’s popular movies from our youth, “Deliverance” and “Midnight Cowboy” and many others. Fans gathered around him for autographs in Clemmons. He’s played lots of bad guy roles. He received an Oscar for Best Actor in “Coming Home” and a nomination for “Midnight Cowboy” and “Ali.” Voight had appeared with Trump on Monday in Asheville and rode a big campaign bus with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt and others to Clemmons.

— Dwight Sparks