It’s new: Clemmons magazine

Published 10:53 am Wednesday, November 23, 2016

By Dwight Sparks

The Clemmons Courier

The FedEx truck arrived last week, and for the first time I realized that we had actually done it: Published a magazine.

“Clemmons the Magazine” may not be the catchiest title, but it works. I toyed with the title “P. Clemmons,” with a nod to village founder Peter Clemmons, but dismissed it as too convoluted.

For 56 years we have been doing the same thing at The Courier, publishing a weekly newspaper without fail. We have now added a new pistol to our publishing holster, a new arrow to our quiver — a bi-monthly magazine that highlights the best and brightest of Clemmons, Lewisville and Bermuda Run.

The photography of Chris Mackie has always been our best asset. The glossy print of a magazine will make those photos look even better.

Our first edition is available at various stores or in the newspaper office. Come by to get one. The magazines are free, but we are selling subscriptions for those who want home delivery. A year’s subscription is $18.

The first edition includes a nod to the Moravian tradition of a Christmas Eve lovefeast and candlelight service. Clemmons Moravian pastor Ray Burke describes how the service touches all our senses.

In a quick tour of Clemmons Christmas traditions, we went down to Mrs. Hanes Cookie Factory, went out to the Tanglewood Festival of Lights to announce its 25th year, up to Lewisville for its annual Christmas Parade and to the wonderful home on Conrad Road that stages a salute to the black and white TV movie, “A Christmas Story.”

Our magazine cover girl is Joni Turner of Clemmons Moravian as she holds a big tray of red-trimmed candles.

How did we do it? Frankly, we had to read a guide on how to publish a magazine. We planned to do this nearly a year ago. We’ve had a few misfires.

Most important to the finished product was design artist Andy Mooney of the Salisbury Post, who took our stories and photos and made them look great.

We hope you like it.

It’s a new venture for us, and the FedEx guy was very helpful as we unloaded his truck.