Analiese and her magic pumpkin seed

Published 3:42 pm Friday, August 18, 2017

Analiese Marie Summers came home from school with a pumpkin seed last fall. Her 1st grade teacher at Meadowlark Elementary had carved the class pumpkin and given seeds to the class.

But let Analiese, 7, with the help of her grandmother, Lois Gerhardt of Lewisville, tell the story …

“This is the story of a magical Jack in the Beanstalk pumpkin.

“Once upon a time, I was given five pumpkin seeds by my teacher when we carved a Halloween pumpkin in school. I planted one seed in my front yard next to the boxwood shrubs. The days grew short and winter came to North Carolina. Everyone forgot about the single seed that slept quietly in the cold hard ground surrounded by faded plants and a precariously close concrete sidewalk.

“In April lying amongst the tall sturdy yellow daffodils, I saw a little green vine sticking out of the ground. By May, the vine grew bigger and bigger. It grew all across the sidewalk and steps. I didn’t want anyone to accidentally step on it. “By July, I had three large pumpkins. Now it is August, and my pumpkins are ripe. I hope that some of the yellow flowers on the vine will grow and be done so I can have enough pumpkins for my whole family.”