Voters pick John Wait as next mayor

Published 4:28 pm Friday, November 10, 2017

By Dwight Sparks

The Clemmons Courier

Clemmons voters turned out three incumbent members of the village council on Tuesday and elected newcomer John Wait, a real estate attorney, as mayor to succeed Nick Nelson.

In a race that had one overriding issue — whether to build a median on busy Lewisville-Clemmons Road — the voters sided with the challengers who had campaigned against the divider.

In unofficial results, it appears Michelle Barson, Scott Binkley and P.J. Lofland won seats on the board. Barson and Binkley would receive four year terms, Lofland, two years.

The winners celebrated Tuesday night at Mi Pueblo. Mayor Nelson, a friend of Wait’s, attended the festivities.

The election marked the second time that incumbents have suffered because of the major north-south corridor through the village. Six years ago incumbents were tossed under similar circumstances.

Larry Kirby, the long-time public works director and village manager, waged a late and unsuccessful write-in campaign.

Light rain fell through much of the day as voters trekked to the polls.

Five Bishop McGuinness students pitched a tent outside the Clemmons Presbyterian Church precincts and stayed most of the day supporting their favorite candidates even though they weren’t old enough to vote.

Unofficial Results: For Clemmons Mayor

John Wait 1,491

Paul Reich 230

Larry Kirby (write-in) 1,077

For Clemmons Council (Pick 3)

Michelle Barson 1,640

Scott Binkley 1,484

PJ Lofland 1,374

Mary Cameron 1,246

Lanny Farmer 1,314

Mike Rogers 1,305