Osborn publishes book, ‘Accessing the Media’

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 7, 2018

“Of, course I thought it was impossible,” Jill Osborn says about her new book taking flight. Jill’s book, “Accessing the Media: How to Get Good Press,” was published on May 15. It will be sold in 25 airports including places like Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, Atlanta, D.C., Chicago and New York. “God is opening doors I could have never imagined,” Jill beams.

On day one of the release, Jill’s book took the No. 1 New Release spot in the categories of Public Relations as well as Communication and Media Studies. “I knew I had to hit a certain number to achieve the No. 1 spot. I researched online and read the magic number was 1,094,” says Jill. “I woke up at 4:30 that morning and wanted to make sure to tell everyone about this tangible number. Then, I made a video to post with it on Facebook. I got to work emailing everyone I knew and really thought nothing of the Facebook post.”

By 7 a.m., Jill came home, took her two oldest to school while the husband stayed home and helped with the toddler. “Then, I got more coffee and began individually texting everyone in my phone book because no one wants to be on a group text message.”

The response, Jill says was incredible. People were very encouraging. “I was so appreciative. It really fueled me and I wanted each and every person to know and feel how much it meant.”

While Jill’s book is available at Barnes and Nobles, Jill lead everyone to Amazon. Amazon sells more books than Barnes and Nobles or any other bookstore. It is an author’s mecca. Amazon was the place to send book buyers. She did so on text and on Facebook. Unbeknownst to Jill, her Facebook video was about to go viral.

“By the time I logged back onto Facebook the abundant number of responses was astonishing. I believe I coined the title of the video, ‘Success..And it ain’t always pretty.’ People kept sharing my page, commenting, and liking the post. It just goes to show no one can succeed without the help of others.”

Jill’s video received over 2,700 views. In the video, she talks about how success is not bright lights and looking glamorous. It is fear, failure, discipline, and passion. She talks about how there were naysayers who told Jill she could not publish a book. “Instead of posting a perfect picture on Facebook with not a single hair out of place, I decided to go against the grain. I had on no makeup. My hair was in a ponytail. I made a video about how arduous success can be. But it is oh so gratifying once you hit the finish line.”

Jill’s book is about how to get good press by creating a relationship of reciprocity with the media. It is a step by step process of how to access the media. “After giving advice over the years and seeing a state politician take copious notes on what I recommended, I knew this was information that needed to be disseminated,” notes Jill. “There are books about fake news, biased news, but none on the step by step process of accessing the media.”

“Accessing the Media” helps journalists as well. “Journalists want good stories. It is a win for you. It is a win for the journalist if you know how to access the media properly. It’s a great book for anyone who wants to get their message or product out to the masses. Charities, businesses, politicians — all benefit from this book.”

While the spotlight is on Jill, she says there is no way this would be possible without the support and help of others. “All those people who ordered my book on Amazon that day, it left me speechless and in tears. You cannot have success alone. Joe Muster, for example, was really instrumental in reading my manuscript and giving me brilliant feedback.”

A portion of the proceeds of her book to Susan Stevens. Susan started the foundation, Tealdrops, after losing her daughter, Toria Stevens, to opioids in January. “I promised Toria, her name would not die in vain. So I’m fighting against opioid abuse to save other parents from losing their children.,” says Susan.

In the dedication portion of the book, Jill writes, “For my resilient mom and brilliant writer, Debra Hart Nelson. So the whole world knows none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for you.” Jill acknowledges all of her writing skills came from her mother. “My mom is an outstanding writer. She edited every single page of my book. But more so, she has dedicated her life to her children. Both my parents taught us the importance of giving to others, dedication, and hard work. But It is because of my mom that I am a writer.”