Bikes for Books at Morgan Elementary

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 14, 2018

As a way to encourage reading at Morgan Elementary, the members of the Clemmons and West Bend Masonic Lodges sponsored the Bike for Books Program.

The Masonic Lodges are all about doing positive things for the community and encouraging students to read is certainly a way to do that, said Richard Brewer, a member of the Clemmons lodge.

“The students had to complete at least six titles from selected genres to get each ticket for the drawing,” Lisa England, the media specialist. “Fourth- and fifth-graders also had to choose a different activity, such as a letter to the author, redesign the book cover, or interview a character in the book, with three of their chosen titles.”

“Tickets were placed in the drawing only if all requirements were complete, but some of the kids actually turned in as many as six completed entries. We wanted to encourage reading in areas they might not ‘visit’ as often, such as poetry, nonfiction, or historical fiction for the older kids.”

“It was very successful.”

Last week, five members of the Clemmons lodge and three members of the West Bend lodge — along with the Grand Master of North Carolina —
went to Morgan to give bikes to the students who won. 

The students receiving a bike were: 

Kindergarten — Khloe Cox, Mrs. Larson’s class
First — Krupesh Patel, Mrs. Barr’s class
Second — Celia Tonidandel, Ms. Turner’s class
Third — Preston Fox, Mrs. Rosenberger’s class
Fourth — Nicole Zaki, Ms. Keaton’s class
Fifth — Suveer Suri, Hudnall’s class

This was the first year that the lodges have sponsored the program at Morgan.

“We had a good time,” Brewer said. “I imagine we will do it again next year.”

The Clemmons lodge also sponsored the program at Clemmons Elementary.