Family man: Clemmons Chick-fil-A operator David Moore and his wife Susan are raising their children to follow God

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 14, 2018

During his childhood, David Moore moved to many different areas. “I was an Army brat and moved a lot. So in that respect, I don’t really have a hometown,” says David. “I think it was adventuresome.

“I think it was tough. But in retrospect, moving around taught me how to be outgoing and make new friends — which serves me well in what I do now.” Today, David is the franchised operator of Chick-fil-A in Clemmons. However, it was a long road that led him to this point.

After going to high school in Germany, David’s family moved back to the States. David finished up his senior year of high school in Georgia and went to college at Georgia Southern. It was in school, where he met his wife, Susan. “She is an absolute rock star,” David dotes. Susan received her degree in early childhood; David’s degree is in business. Susan got a job as a teacher near Chattanooga. Shortly after, David began working with Shaw Industries.

Happy to have a home and careers, the young couple decided to start their family. They had two children. David continued to thrive in his manufacturing position at Shaw. He was moved to regional distribution and managed distribution centers away from the corporate hub. The couple moved to St. Louis. There, they had another baby. Next, they moved to Kernersville and the couple had three more babies. Finally, the family moved to Lewisville and decided to adopt a daughter from Guatemala. The Moore family now had a grand total of seven children and two adults.

“It’s been a blast. It’s been hard. It’s been very rewarding,” David says about raising a family larger than the Brady Bunch. “What we strived to do is really let our kids know who they are as God’s creation, help them find their gifting and become a steward of what they have been gifted.”

Everyone in the family has grown up either singing or learning how to play various instruments. It is not uncommon to hear music coming from within the walls of the Moore household. “Susan and I are musical. All of our kids are musically gifted and have some extraordinary talents.” David is also proud of the children’s faith. “My oldest five are in worship leadership on their teams which has been fun to watch. But more importantly, it’s been fun to follow their faith and following God on their own. I think that is what has given us the most pleasure is to see that manifest.”

With all of those blessings, David felt personally fulfilled, but found that he was feeling less satisfied professionally. “I thought the corporate world was becoming way more politically correct. I wanted to make an impact more in the lives of people than I was.” David had an old friend who was a Chick-fil-A operator. David decided to apply. For four years, David applied and kept being turned down. “I happened to bump into a friend and who was relocating to Atlanta. He said, ‘I’m going to work for corporate Chick-fil-A.’” The friend put in a good work for David. It worked. In the fall of 2007, David began the interview process to work for Chick-fil-A.

After a grueling interview process, David was hired. However, there was one drawback. David knew if he accepted the position, he would likely be relocated. Susan and he prayed about it because their family had settled down and felt they were really growing roots — something David had never really been able to do as a kid.

Finally, the couple decided they were ready to accept the outcome. To their surprise, a store opened up on the Peace Haven Road Chick-fil-A in Winston. “It’s pretty rare to be an external candidate like I was and not have to move. I remember my wife saying, ‘God, I know if you want us here, you will find a way.’ And He did.”

As for the Clemmons store, David says the location had been on Chick-fil-A’s radar for the last decades but could not work out a land deal. “When they finally announced three years ago there was going to be one in Clemmons, I put my name in the hat and was selected to take over the new store.” The new store has been in Clemmons for a little over a year. “We’ve been very well received. We feel like we have gotten into our groove. I have a really strong leadership team. They share my vision for what we want to do in our community. Our corporate purpose is to glorify God through excellence, stewardship, and the love of others.”

How wonderful to have a neighbor share such wonderful core values with our community of Clemmons.