Scanelli guest speaker at Kiwanis Club

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 2, 2018

Sandi Scanelli was recently hired as the first president and CEO for the Clemmons Community Foundation. Scanelli tributes her heart for the community to Kiwanis of which she has served as a member. She would like to build a permanent philanthropic resource for Clemmons/Lewisville as she stated, “Giving is deeply rooted in us as people.” Taking responsibility for those people and things we love is important to her and the job she serves. She says that charity takes our love for one another to another level but philanthropy is different than charity. Philanthropy is about creating change for a better society and transforming communities to be a better place. Scanelli mentioned philanthropy is about heart, passion, nourishment and tackling seemingly impossible odds.
Scanelli also mentioned one of the challenges they meet in Forsyth County include changing the conditions that cause hunger. She says that we need to create peace and prosperity for those in hunger. Charity is today, philanthropy is forever.