Letter to the editor — Aug. 9

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 9, 2018

Flip-flopped again

Does this Clemmons Village Council ever make a decision that they don’t spin into a reversal and try to blame others? Now Pam Lofland has lashed out at the City/County Utilities Commission, calling their actions “a form of blackmail” and Mike Combest uses the words “strong arming and extortion,” concerning of all things, a water tank! Earlier this year, they voted unanimously not to paint “Clemmons” on the water tank citing that the money could be spent on more worthwhile projects and that it could only be seen from Wal-Mart parking lot. Now the cost could be 20 percent higher.

Remember all of the money the Village has comes from taxpayers since we don’t have bake sales or car washes to raise money for their wasteful spending.

Who is watching the store?

— Bruce Britton