Eagle Scout installs dog waste collection stations around Clemmons

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 20, 2018

By Village of Clemmons Stormwater Staff

With summer break over, and kids back in school, many of them talked about what they did during summer break. Some went to the beach, some went to summer camp, some worked to save up for that next big thing, but one student in particular worked on his Eagle Scout project. Andrés Hernandez of Troop 731 worked with the Village of Clemmons Stormwater Department installing dog waste collection stations in and around the greenway.

“We always get a large number of calls starting in the spring and running through summer about people not picking up after their pets,” said Stormwater Technician Emily Harrison. “We have an ordinance about not picking up after your pets. If caught, it can range from anywhere from $50 to $100 per offense. However, even with this ordinance, we have found that some people are still not picking up after their pets, and this is a continuous problem, not just in Clemmons, but everywhere.”

With this problem, Andrés saw an opportunity to give back to the community. “It’s important to the environment that people should pick up after themselves, which also includes their pets.” Andrés helped install a total of six stations around Clemmons for the residents of Clemmons to use. When asked why a project like this is important to the environment and the Village of Clemmons, Andrés said, “Dog waste can contain up to 23 million bacteria, which can cause diseases and health issues in humans. Having dog waste collection stations are important to the environment because these stations are giving pet owners an easy option to pick up after their pets, and not just leave it on the ground.”

In the three weeks since installing these dog waste stations, almost 400 pounds of dog waste have been collected, and now will be properly disposed of at the landfill. Over time, the stormwater department plans to install more stations throughout Clemmons, so more people are able to scoop the poop. If you are interested in this program, please call the Village of Clemmons Stormwater Department at 336-766-9170.