Letter to the editor — Oct. 11

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 11, 2018

 Keep Lida Calvert Hayes on the school board

How fortunate we are to have a successful entrepreneur, CEO, community philanthropist as a part of the WSFC school board.  How often does someone of that caliber make themselves available in the local political process?

Who else would I want as a sitting chair of the building and grounds committee managing the $350 million bond?

Her school board salary is even donated back to our schools and children. S & W Painting was designated “top Women’s Business” in N.C.

A true advocate for school safety and an equal education for all students, who has supported, yes, by her recent presence at the county commissioners meeting, a larger supplement for our teachers. Even before her election, she gave valuable time as a substitute teacher.

What else can I say? Cast your vote early for my friend, Lida.

— John Bost