Letters to the editor — Oct. 25

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 25, 2018

Being reasonable?

On Oct. 8, visitors filled the Clemmons Village Council chambers. Council members Wrights, Binkley and Lofland spoke without regard for their microphones and belabored every point of the Planning Board’s recommendations. It was clear that Mr. Combest and Ms. Barsons were prepared.

Ms. Ledbetter, Clemmons planner, explained Planning Board’s decisions. But, Ms. Lofland’s questions evidenced inattentiveness to Ms. Ledbetter’s words (and the prepared materials from a few days prior). Mr. Wrights repeatedly said what he didn’t like. Had they prepared and talked with other Council members (without breaking Sunshine rules) many in attendance might not have been disappointed. They prolonged discussion that served only the cynical.

This was not unlike the meeting in which the Council voted 4 to 1 for the plan that is also known as the medians for L-C Road. All but Mr. Combest spoke about feelings using words like “uncomfortable,” “unsure,” “unhappy” and “feeling” this way or that. They had Mr. Combest’s and economists (PAID BY Council) unmistakable facts from which reliable forecasts could be made.

It was about thoughtfulness, reason, analysis and other kinds of work — not about feelings. They had research. Oddly Ms. Lofland said “I am a reasonable person” three or four times as the dissenting and unreasonable vote.

That ties back to the meeting on Oct. 8 when Ms. Lofland said that if she could make it so, nothing in Clemmons would change including the projects that were approved that evening. Is that reasonable? I suppose we can be grateful that she was not in a position to oppose electricity, paved roads, water and maybe even medians in some locations. Can you imagine the accident rate in front of the Publix if no median was there?

— Paul Johnson


Jackson for judge

The stakes are high for the N.C. Supreme Court. The Democrat running against Justice Barbara Jackson has California roots and that’s not what North Carolina needs. Ms. Earls is funded by the liberal billionaire mega-donor who is channeling funds for his overhaul of the U.S. justice system. He wants to re-shape our judicial system and destroy America. Soros has already funded district attorney races promoting his progressive social justice beliefs. Anita Earls fits like a glove as executive director of Southern Coalition for Social Justice. She focuses more on civil rights and voter rights; she is one of the most liberal judges in N.C.

The spoiler in Chris Anglin, the Democrat “plant” who switch his registration from Democrat to Republican right before he filed. So don’t be fooled by his Damascus experience … he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And it continues … he was charged with a DUI in 2009; he was also charged with breaking and entering and pleaded guilty to the lesser of second degree trespassing. He does not qualify with only seven years of attorney experience.

Justice Barbara Jackson has served on the N.C. Supreme Court since 2010 and six years on the Court of Appeals. She was a state government lawyer and worked in the administration of former Gov. Jim Martin. She is a proven conservative who has experience enforcing the law not making the law. She votes with consistency and is the only candidate having the qualifications. Join me in voting for Justice Barbara Jackson.

— Tina Schofield

Keep America red

Let’s talk about what Democrats will do if they win the majority in Congress: 1) Push for a complete tax overhaul including an increase in corporate tax rates. 2) Weaken federal immigration laws with goal of open borders. 3) Make it more difficult, if not impossible, for Americans to purchase and own a gun. 4) Launch more investigations on Kavanaugh and Trump and start new ones on other members of the Republican Party. They will be the “detective party” while overlooking the real criminals in their own party. 5) They plan to fund climate change. 6) Challenge your religious freedoms. 7) Obstruct.

On the other hand: A Republican Congress plans to: 1) Continue to cut your taxes. 2) Cut your regulations. 3) Raise your income. 4) Protect Medicare and Social Security. 5) Continue confirming judges who interpret the Constitution as written. 6) Fully secure the border from the invasion. 7) Pass Kate’s law. 8) Stop sanctuary cities. 9) End chain migration. 10) Keep the criminal drug dealers and terrorists out of our country. 11) Lift millions of our citizens from welfare to work, dependence to independence and from poverty to prosperity. 12) Have stronger military. 13) Work for safer schools and communities.

In summary, what’s there not to like? It’s not a tough decision on the leadership America needs. The Republicans supporting President Trump will work to protect Americans, keeping us safe, more financially stable, and with less government regulations. Let’s continue the accomplishments of the last 18 months. Join me in voting red on Nov. 6. The promises made have been kept.

— Diane Tutt

Supporting Rep. Lambeth for NC House

I strongly support Rep. Donny Lambeth’s re-election to the N.C. House. Donny is a proven leader who has represented Forsyth County well. As chairman of the Clean Water Management Trust Fund, I have first-hand knowledge of Donny advocating for funds to conserve important lands in North Carolina. Because of these funds, North Carolinians have amazing state parks to visit, game lands on which to hunt and greenways to enjoy. Donny has an important seat at the table when budget decisions are made as one of two House budget leaders. It is important to have Donny looking out for our interests in the legislature. With his strong background on the Forsyth County school board, Donny has the experience to help make good decisions about the needs of our schools. Please join me in supporting Donny Lambeth for N.C. House.
— Greer Cawood

A vote for Rep. Conrad

In times of political discourse, it’s good to know Forsyth County is in good hands. Rep. Debra Conrad believes in common-sense government solutions. She values issues such as balancing the budget and supporting our educational system.
As a businesswoman, Rep. Conrad understands that a crucial part in maintaining a small business is avoiding unnecessary spending. Rep. Conrad believes our government should be no different. She opposes tax increases and wasteful spending, and has worked tirelessly to set budget priorities that fund important issues for her constituents.
In the past, Raleigh politicians have been out of touch with the challenges facing hard-working citizens and demonstrated their disregard by reckless spending and increasing the tax burden on our citizens. Debra Conrad has fought for these citizens and will continue to do so.
I’m asking my fellow constituents of allow Rep. Conrad to continue her fight. I will proudly vote for Debra Conrad on Nov. 6 and I hope my fellow Forsyth County residents do the same.
— Carol Ray

Carolina comeback

Facts are such stubborn things. Many would like for us to forget where NC was and where it is today. Let’s look.

In 2010, Democrats controlled N.C. government. These are the results:
• $3 billion shortfall
• $2.7 billion debt to the federal government
• The highest corporate tax rate in the Southeast
• Teacher salaries were frozen
• NC Highway trust fund was raided
• 5th highest unemployment rate in the country
• Ranked 45th state for business

Carolina comeback under Republicans:
• Largest tax cut in N.C. history
• Closed $3 billion deficit
• Paid off $2.7 billion debt to federal government
• Created a $2 billion reserve fund for unemployment
• Created a $2 billion “Rainy Day” fund
• Rolled back costly and onerous regulation
• Lowest corporate tax rate in the Southeast
• Ranked No. 1 state in the country for business climate. (Forbes, Site Selection, etc.)

As a result nearly 700,000 jobs have been created. I’m proud to cast my votes for a straight Republican ticket this November.

 — Kristian Krawford