Lexington Youth Theatre to present ‘Newsies’

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 1, 2018

Lexington Youth Theatre is happy to announce the cast of the long-awaited local production of Disney’s “Newsies” coming to the Smith Civic Center in Uptown Lexington on Nov. 9-11. Show times are 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 9 and 10, and 2 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 11. Discounted tickets are on sale in advance for $10 from a cast member or at 4 E. 3rd Ave. on Monday through Friday, 4-6 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online for $15 by visiting www.lexingtonyouththeare.com for $15. Tickets are also sold at the door for $15 for adults and $10 for children 10 and under. Lexington Youth Theatre is also offering a limited number of reserved seating for $25. Please see the website for more information.

Cast members are as follows: Jack Kelly, Samuel Stowe; Crutchie, Isaiah Remole; Davie, Carson Shoaf; Les, Isaac Jenkins; Race, Brayden Daugherty; Albert, Kayla Miller; Specs, Julie Beck; Henry, Madison Sturdivant; Finch, Vincenzo Rinnagio: Romeo, Stephen Remole; Elmer, Maggie Sara Cross; Mush, Lydia Gregg; Buttons, Aaron Remole; Splasher, Cara Hayes; Tommy Boy, Eli Thompson; JoJo, Eva Walters; Mike, C. Bronson Lewter; Ike, Holland Sykes; Newsies Group 1: Elise Robinson, Alianna Lynn Elstrom, Daniel Remole, Hannah Remole, Haliegh Swearengin, Kathryn Harris, Cody Magee, Grayson Humphrey, Micah Bowden, Christianna Studebaker, Emmarie Elstrom, Kenna Lankford. Newsies Group 2: Cody Peters, Beau Peters, Sarah Beth Drake, Madelyn Kelly Layla Spillman, Sophie Claire Hedrick, Madilyn Hedrick, Lauren Isabella Hedrick, Leia Hudler; Camera man, Cody Magee; Goons: Rayana Petree,Curinna Cullins, Chloe Greer, Meghan Yarbrough; Kids in the Refuge: Daniel Remole, Beau Peters, Micah Bowden, Emmarie Elstron, Lela Hudler, Hannah Remole Grayson Humphrey, Christianna Studebaker, Lauren Isabella Hedrick; Scabs: Rachel Honeycutte, Lauren Honeycutt, Gentry Smith; Spot Conlon, Elizabeth Marsh; Katerine Plumber, Frances Gray Riggs; Darcy (Publisher Daughter), Deanna Mitchell; Bill, Chip Sanders; Wiesel, Maggie Grondy; Morris Delancey, Elias Robinson; Oscar Delancey, Ethan Robinson; Joseph Pulitzer, Bailey Daugherty; Seitz, Maggie Grondy; Busen, Annie Sechrist; Hannah, Tiffany Sullivan; Nunzio, Rayanna Petree; Guard, Chloe Greer; Snyder, Elise Robinson; Medda Larkin, Kalliegh Odum; Bowery Beautiies; Lily Abbott, Abby Chunn, Abigail Wilson, Jenna Everhart; Stage Manager, Elizabeth Marsh; Nuns: Elizabeth Marsh , Annie Sechrist, Abigail Wilson; Passerby: Tru Waters, Chip Sanders, Meghan Yarbrough, Lela Hudler; Woman, Emma Peters, Mrs. Jacobi, Tiffany Sullivan; Policemen: Rachel Honeycutt, Curinna Cullins, Chip Sanders, Alianna Lynn Elstrom; Mayor, Emma Peters; Governor Teddy Roosevelt, Try Waters; Brooklyn Newsies: Elise Robinson, Chip Sanders, Rayanna Petree, Rachel Honeycutt, Lily Abbott, Abby Chun, Abigail Wilson, Jenna Everhart, Chloe Greer, Emma Peters, Annie Sechrist, Deanna Mitchell, Gentry Smith; Manhattan Newsies, Grayson Humphrey; Flushing Newsies, Lauren Honeycutt; Richmond Newsies, jDeanna Mitchell;Woodside Newsies, Meghan Yarbrough; Bronx Newsies, Curinna Cullins; Dance Captains: Bailey Daugherty, Madison Sturdivant, Samuel Stowe.