North Carolina Tractor Supply Stores raise $78,641 for 4-H Youth through 2018 Paper Clover Events

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 1, 2018

Donations will send North Carolina 4-H youth to enriching camps and leadership conferences

North Carolina 4-H youth will experience valuable hands-on learning opportunities as a result of Tractor Supply’s 2018 Paper Clover Campaign, a biannual fundraiser held in partnership with National 4-H Council. North Carolina Tractor Supply stores collectively raised $78,641 in 2018 through donations made with purchases in store and online.

Earlier this month, North Carolina Tractor Supply customers participated in the Fall Paper Clover event by purchasing paper clovers — the emblem of 4-H — for a donation during checkout at stores nationwide or through purchases made online at From Oct. 3 to Oct. 14, North Carolina Tractor Supply stores raised $46,123. The North Carolina funds raised are a portion of the more than $1 million nationwide grand total — marking the most successful fundraiser in Tractor Supply’s history. Combined with results from the Spring Paper Clover event held earlier this year, North Carolina stores raised a total of $78,641.

According to Christi Korzekwa, senior vice president of marketing at Tractor Supply Company, there is immense value in supporting 4-H youth and their skills and interests.

“Supporting today’s youth means supporting tomorrow’s leaders,” said Korzekwa. “Since 2010, Tractor Supply customers and team members have understood and supported the Paper Clover mission — to help provide vital hands-on learning opportunities and empower more 4-H youth to become leaders in their lives, careers and communities.”

Fundraising efforts from Tractor Supply’s Paper Clover event fund scholarships for numerous state-level 4-H programs nationwide, and every North Carolina donation benefits North Carolina youth. Scholarships are used for camps and leadership conferences, where attendees learn everything from animal care and woodworking to networking practices and civic responsibility.

“Thanks to our partnership with Tractor Supply Company, its team members and the communities it serves, Paper Clover provides more youth with opportunities to learn-by-doing — something that is vital to the development of their passions and interests,” said Jennifer Sirangelo, president and CEO of National 4-H Council. “It’s initiatives like Paper Clover that help empower and inspire youth to handle life’s challenges, contribute to the world around them and ultimately develop into tomorrow’s leaders.”

The Fall Paper Clover event rounds out the ninth year of the campaign, which generated $1,999,661 in 2018. The company’s biannual fundraiser has collectively generated more than $14.9 million in essential funding to date.

The Paper Clover campaign will return to North Carolina Tractor Supply stores next spring. For more information on the program, visit