Letter to the editor — Nov. 15

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 15, 2018

Immigration issue about facts, not feelings

Last week’s 2A piece that claimed to be about immigration demonstrated the writer’s lack of information or dialogue with the facts. She judged the opponents of illegal immigrants and pontificated regarding the issues from her narrow perspective.  While tempted to write nothing more, I must offer that all those European immigrants came in legally. It’s about legality and not emotional irrationalism. She would have all the millions of people for whom she has her pity enter by the millions.  Thousands from every country wish for entry every day.  I’ve witnessed it.

She distracts herself with a claims of federal government cuts to some and bounties to other departments without examples — another preference for judging without a fact.  There is no welcome sign, Ms. Hall. The Statue of Liberty beckoned people who saw the USA as a place of opportunity — not a place to get money and care — and where one pays taxes.

She quotes the Bible as if she wishes to pound us with her self-righteousness. But she tells us we worry because it makes it easier for her to condemn those who would be more than happy to see legal immigrants. We need engineers, IT and other well-educated people. We don’t need the gangs, as exampled by my acquaintance who found his daughter regularly being raped by a gang member in exchange for his willingness not to murder her parents.

Ms. Hall sounds like facts don’t mix with her style of thinking. She emulated her irrational anti-Kavanaugh role models.

— Paul Johnson