Since it is Christmas time, a story of the Savior’s birth in rhyme

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 20, 2018

Over the years as a full-time Clemmons Courier employee, I was tasked with writing a weekly column. It was a stressful assignment as the weeks seemed often to fly by — Tuesday to Tuesday — deadline day, and another column was due. But the positive was that it allowed me a chance to make use of my love for rhyme. I am definitely not a poet, but when it came time for birthdays or special occasions, I often wrote my own poems. Christmas was fun because I often took familiar holiday tunes and wrote my own lyrics. However, on occasion, I wrote my own tune. The following is an original Christmas song I wrote a number of years ago. Fortunately, for all who read this, there is no way for you to hear my recorded voice singing. That’s my Christmas gift to you.

On a cold clear winter’s night

Lay a baby in the hay.

As the stars shone all around

Angel voices joined to say

God’s own son has come to earth,

Let us celebrate His birth.

What a night it must have been,

Wish that I’d been living then.

Wish I’d been that shepherd boy,

Kneeling by His manger bed.

Wish I’d been the one to hear

Whispered words that Mary said,

As she gazed down at the Child

As he heard and sweetly smiled.

What a special kind of joy.

Oh to be that shepherd boy.

Many years have come and gone

Since that birthday long ago.

Bethlehem is far from here,

Still I feel His presence near.

Just a baby born that night.

Just a star of radiant light.

What a wondrous Child is He.

What a perfect gift from Thee.

So this very Christmas eve,

When I bow my head to pray,

Once again I’ll offer thanks

For your gift of Christmas Day.

As we raise our candles high

Let us with a joyful cry —

Blessed, blessed is this night

For it brings the Son of Light.

Blessed, blessed is this night

For it brings the Son of Light.

Merry Christmas!