Titan Tattler: Unprecedented snow sets back school calendar

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 20, 2018

This past week, the Village of Clemmons saw an enormous amount of snowfall, with levels exceeding 12 inches. This snowfall was a product of Winter Storm Diego, which dumped snow on the South for almost two days straight. While this weather anomaly was quite fun for students and parents alike, the effect it has had on the school calendar is most stressful.

Due to concerns about travel safety, students were out of school for five days straight, meaning an entire week of class time was lost. Because of this, the school district was required to schedule makeup days on March 29 and June 7, 10 and 11. Additionally, the end of the first semester was extended by one week, meaning exams will take place Jan. 22-25 for high school students. While this adjustment benefits most classes in terms of their mid-year exams, others will suffer due to the loss. For example, AP exams are non-adjustable and will occur at the regularly scheduled time, regardless of days missed for snow. Also, the makeup days scheduled after high school graduation are sure to have very low attendance. Exams must take place prior to graduation; therefore, seniors who have already received their diploma are highly unmotivated to attend, as well as students who have already completed their exams.

These adjustments come very early in the winter season. With more than two months left of potential snowfall, another alteration to the school calendar can be expected. Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools has only missed an average of four days each year, but this year, the school system has missed nearly double that before the close of the first semester. This is not including the anticipated two-hour delays that come with particularly frigid mornings. Overall, the 2018-2019 school year is sure to be an interesting one, as students and teachers alike find themselves hard-pressed for class time.