Titan Tattler: Why West is best for your education

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 27, 2018

West Forsyth will hold an event called “Explore the Possibilities” on Wednesday, Jan. 30, in the Anderson Performing Arts Center for rising freshmen as well as all others who are considering enrolling in the fall of 2019. There, prospective students can learn about the academic, athletic and extracurricular opportunities West has to offer. With many options for secondary education in Forsyth county, the choice of which high school to attend can seem daunting. Here’s why you should choose West.

As the largest high school in the county, West Forsyth is home to a diverse, lively student body. When walking through the breezeways, one can see all cultures and religions represented. The result of this diversity is a welcoming, inclusive environment where every student feels accepted and at home.

With such a vast student body, a number of extracurricular organizations are offered to accommodate every student interest. West has dozens of clubs; from Japanese culture club to future farmers of America, it’s nearly impossible not to find a club that suits you. Additionally, West is also home to a myriad of service clubs. Key Club, Interact Club and Girls Service Club are just a few of the options West provides for community service.

Finally, West Forsyth excels in athletics. Over the last four years, I have seen my classmates bring home state championships in girls soccer, wrestling and more. The facilities at West could not better, with a soccer field, softball and baseball fields, football stadium, two gyms and even sand volleyball courts, alongside a number of practice fields that can be used for various purposes, every student can enjoy the benefits of a well-equipped athletic program.

As we approach the beginning of registration season, consider West. I invite you to attend our prospective students events as well as schedule a tour, even if you don’t think it’s the place for you. Once you see the excellence that West strives to uphold, it’ll be hard to turn down a potential four years there.