Titan Tattler: First semester comes to a close

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 17, 2019

After what has felt like one of the longest semesters in high school history, second quarter will end Friday, Jan. 18. Due to various weather-related closings sprinkled throughout the year, the duration of first semester was extended by a week. Exams were also pushed back a week to Jan. 22-25.

Many students are looking forward to the fresh start that a new semester brings. Grades will reset, and most students will undergo a schedule change, joining new classes and being treated to a change in their everyday routine.

“I’m excited to get into my new classes and have the stress from the current ones lifted off me, since I’ll be completely done with some of them,” freshman Matthew Nesser said.

All students enjoy the benefits of exam exemptions, which incentivize good attendance and grades in return for an exemption from teacher-made exams. However, students may not be exempt from North Carolina final exams, which are given in core classes, or midterm exams, which are conducted in year-long classes.

“(The end of the semester) takes a lot of pressure off of seniors, especially those who will be exempt from end-of-year exams but still have to take midterms. After that, a lot of weight will be off my shoulders, and I can just focus on the course material rather than testing,” senior Claire Skinner said.

As this quarter comes to an end and students embark on a long week of testing, keep your local high schoolers in mind. Cramming five months’ worth of learning into one test can be rigorous and cause even the brightest of students to struggle. To all the students out there, I urge you, don’t give up! The light at the end of the tunnel is near, and its name is second semester!