Letter to the Editor — Jan. 24

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 24, 2019

Tanglewood Business Park

Quoting the Jan. 17 Courier report about the Jan. 14 council meeting: “Michelle Barson (commented) regarding the Tanglewood Business Park, that a special zoning district was created with a partnership of the Village staff and the county staff (that) ‘alleviates all of our original concerns regarding the park’ including traffic, noise, pollution, impact on property taxes, etc.” So little Red Riding Hood and Grandmother Wolf agreed to address all these issues at a later date. The wolf’s teeth immediately fell out, his avaricious heart softened, and their neighbors were spared the wolf’s noise, traffic, and impact on their property values. Just like that. Wow. What an accomplishment, Little Red Riding Hood.

— Albert Harbury