School bus safety initiative

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 7, 2019

FORSYTH COUNTY — As part of the continued commitment to ensuring the safety of the children of our community, the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) is proud to announce its school bus safety initiative.

Community members may have noticed an increased number of FCSO patrol vehicles with blue lights activated throughout the county the last few weeks. After assessing bus routes, traffic patterns and statistics, the decision was made to permanently change the patrol schedule. This change allows deputies to be present in targeted areas around schools and school bus stops throughout the county. The visibility of patrol cars, often with blue lights activated, is to remind the motoring public to slow down and be cautious.

“Our children are our most valuable assets,” emphasized Sheriff Bobby F. Kimbrough Jr. “We are strategic in intentionally deploying our resources to safeguard the students of our community. We are committed to protecting our children.”

The majority of automobile crashes occur due to distracted driving. In areas with students on the roadways, either crossing the roads or getting on or off buses, drivers need to be especially attentive. The presence of blue lights and patrol vehicles is intended to draw attention and cause drivers to slow down and drive with caution. This change is yet one more showing of the on-going commitment to keeping students safe, each and every day.

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