Clemmons Rotary Club raises funds for food pantry

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 14, 2019

Like many local organizations, the Clemmons Rotary Club supports the Clemmons Food Pantry. During the month of February, the club campaigned to raise funds to help the hungry. It raised $5,285 from members with help from a friend of the club.

During the month of February, the club members donated money. A friend of the club, Roger Marion, offered a challenge that he would match any donation of $250 or more by a club member with $500. The club raised $1,250, which Marion matched with $2,500. Craig DePuy, who volunteers his time with the food pantry, in addition to his work with the Boy Scouts and his membership in the Clemmons Rotary Club, said, “I am so pleased with this outcome of donations by the club and Roger that we will be able to make great value by giving much-needed food to our community of folks who struggle.”

Susan Joy, president of the Rotary Club, said, “ I am very happy that our club, which seeks to offer a valuable role in the Clemmons area, can play our part. That’s why we believe in “service above self.” Marion said he was glad to give back since people have been so good to him and his businesses.