Foxx announces intention to run for reelection

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 21, 2019

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BOONE — Rep. Virginia Foxx recently announced her intention to seek reelection in 2020 for North Carolina’s 5th Congressional District, which covers much of northwest North Carolina.

“To anyone paying attention, it’s become very clear in the first few months of liberal control of the House that the Democrat party has lurched far, far to the left,” Foxx said.

“Our nation is founded on the concepts of individual liberty and personal responsibility. That’s why I am committed to working to halt the left’s headlong slide into what increasingly looks like socialism. We cannot afford the out-of-touch policies peddled by the far-left that will squelch the entrepreneurial, problem-solving, and hard-working ethos that has made the United States the greatest nation in the world.

“North Carolina voters are looking for solutions from their government that actually work.  They want economic growth, good jobs and strong national security — not partisan investigations or the kind of socialist rhetoric and class warfare being floated by the newly ascendant “Democratic Socialist” wing of the Democrat party.

“My goal for the 2020 election is to build on my strong track record of conservative problem-solving on behalf of my constituents. I love our nation and our tradition of limited government too much to let a handful of big-spending leftists in Congress trample our centuries of success in self-government.

“I’m looking forward to a vigorous debate over the best path forward for America. And I’m casting my lot — as as I always have — with the time-tested principles of liberty and limited government that will work for all the people of the Fifth District.”

Foxx is currently the Republican Leader of the House Committee on Education and Labor, where she has already made her mark as a no-nonsense legislator and educator who puts common-sense solutions into practice. She is widely recognized for her successes reining in wasteful government spending, enacting conservative solutions that curtail the growth of government and for standing up for the unborn and for North Carolina families.

As a former small business owner and job-creator, Foxx is intimately acquainted with the struggles that North Carolina businesses and entrepreneurs face each day. She is dedicated to low taxes, economic growth and regulatory reform.