Blotter — Sept. 19

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 19, 2019

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Below is a list of crime investigations and activities reported by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department in Clemmons and Lewisville last week.

• Sept. 9 — disturbance/non-criminal, 1100 block of South Peace Haven Road, Clemmons. Reporting party was alarmed by someone upset that they were blocked in.

• Sept. 9 — police service-fraud, 2500 block of Innisfail Lane, Clemmons. Report of bank fraud.

• Sept. 10 — vandalism, 2500 block of Lewisville-Clemmons Road, Clemmons. Offender got mad at the ATM at Wells Fargo and damaged the display screen.

• Sept. 10 — traffic accident, 2400 block of Lewisville-Clemmons Road, Clemmons. Two-vehicle accident with damages of $2,500 to each vehicle.

• Sept. 10 — hit and run accident, 2700 block of Lewisville-Clemmons Road, Clemmons. Damage of $1,000 to vehicle.

• Sept. 10 — Suspicious vehicle, 5500 block of Marty Lane, Clemmons. Suspicious vehicle was following children in a neighborhood.

• Sept. 10 — larceny/other vehicle theft, 3300 block of Harper Road, Clemmons. Victim’s trailer was stolen.

• Sept. 10 — welfare check, 6400 block of Sessions Court, Clemmons. Welfare check done on a subject who was reported to possibly have been abducted.

• Sept. 10 — driving while impaired, 1200 block of Lewisville-Clemmons Road, Lewisville. Subject was arrested for driving while impaired. Cleared for arrest, Brett Derek Callahan was charged with driving while impaired

• Sept. 10 — disturbance/non-criminal, 900 block of Brookway West Drive, Lewisville. Verbal argument between neighbors.

• Sept. 11 — police service-information provided, 6900 block of Harper Valley Lane, Clemmons. Lost lock box.

• Sept. 11 — traffic accident, 100 block of Eastbound I-40/Harper Road, Clemmons. Two-vehicle accident with damages of $1,000 to each vehicle.

• Sept. 11 — fraud, 6200 block of Styers Ferry Road, Clemmons. Credit card fraud reported.

• Sept. 11 — civil dispute, 3100 block of Gammon Lane, Clemmons. Reporting person wanted to surrender kids due to an emergency custody order.

• Sept. 11 — trouble with neighbor, 1100 block of Lewisville-Vienna Road, Lewisville. Neighbor’s dog was running at large.

• Sept. 12 — simple assault-non aggravated assault, 100 block of Hayward Industries Drive, Clemmons. Assault at work by a disgruntled employee.

• Sept. 12 — hit and run accident, 6200 block of Ramada Drive, Clemmons. Two vehicles involved with $600 damage to one vehicle.

• Sept. 12 — drug violations, 4700 block of Hampton Road, Clemmons. Subject was in possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia.

• Sept. 12 — open door, 2600 block of Lewisville-Clemmons Road, Clemmons. Business alarm was set off.

• Sept. 12 — police service-non criminal call for service, 1800 block of Curraghmore Road, Clemmons. Victim was harassed with messages.

• Sept. 12 — driving while impaired, 100 block of Westbound I-40, Clemmons. Driver of vehicle was operating while impaired.  Cleared for arrest, Robert William Prescott was charged with impaired driving DWI.

• Sept. 12 — K-9 activity/vehicle chase, 6400 block of Shallowford Road, Lewisville. Vehicle fled from a traffic stop.

• Sept. 12 — found property, 100 block of Lucy Lane, Lewisville. Box cutter found on a school bus.

• Sept. 13 — driving while license revoked/suspended, 2500 block of Innisfail Lane, Clemmons. Offender was driving on limit driving privilege after drinking.

• Sept. 13 — disorderly conduct, 2500 block of Neudorf Road, Clemmons. Two subjects involved in a mutual fight.

• Sept. 14 — vandalism, 1800 block of Curraghmore Road, Clemmons. Several mailboxes damaged in neighborhood.

• Sept. 14 — Using/consuming tax paid liquor, 7700 block of Whitehorse Drive, Clemmons. Underage suspect was drinking.

• Sept. 14 — threatening suicide, 100 block of Matt James Court, Lewisville. Female sending and posting suicide messages.

• Sept. 14 — police service-information provided, 5700 block of Shallowford Road, Lewisville. Subject received suspicious phone call.

• Sept. 15 — autobreaking and larceny, 2500 block of Lewisville-Clemmons Road, Clemmons. Unknown suspect stole items valued at $5,440 from the victim’s truck.

• Sept. 14 — lost property, 6300 block of Gough Court, Clemmons. Male reported a lost wallet.

• Sept. 15 — police service-non criminal call for service, 5700 block of Shallowford Road, Lewisville. Dispatched injured deer on the side of roadway.

• Sept. 15 — suspicious person, 1700 block of Hauser Road, Lewisville. Reporting person observed suspicious person in the area.