Letters to the editor — Oct. 10

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 10, 2019

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Kirby for mayor

I wish to show my support for Larry Kirby for mayor of Clemmons in the November election. Larry is probably better qualified for this office than most others who have run in other elections.

Larry was the first full-time employee hired by the village after it was incorporated in 1986. He remained as an employee from 1986 until a couple of years ago, serving as the public works director and then as the village manager.

There is no one better qualified to be mayor than Larry. During his time as director of public works, he probably helped more of the citizens of Clemmons than any other person in the village government.

When he is elected as mayor, he will bring great credit and integrity to that office. In the last election, the village was bombarded with the notion that the existing council was planning to install a median on Lewisville-Clemmons Road. This was a false narrative since no one then on the council had any such intentions. It didn’t matter to a number of people who spent large amounts of money to bring new people, regardless of qualifications, on the council. Some of these individuals have created an adversarial relationship with the county commissioner as well as the City of Winston-Salem.

One of the ladies on the council appeared at the county commissioners meeting to speak to the commissioners in attire which would be OK for the beach but not for a government meeting. She appeared wearing shorts and a halter top. This is not the type of representation the citizens of Clemmons want or expect from their council members.

Additionally, the current council is trying to purchase the tract of land, which the county was trying to put a furniture factory on. Where will the council get the millions of dollars necessary to buy this tract of land? Since its incorporation, Clemmons has remained debt-free and want to remain that way. It’s time for a major change in the council, which can come about by your vote in November.

I would also like to commend General Combest for his time spent on the council. He has brought reasoned and intelligent deliberations to the council. He has shown wisdom, intelligence and has performed in a gentlemanly manner, putting the interest of Clemmons in the forefront. He will be missed.

May God continue to bless the village of Clemmons.

– Alfred M. Dillon

Dillon is a former village manager of Clemmons.

Vote for Kirby

I have known Larry Kirby for over 30 years. I first met him at Clemmons First Baptist Church and now he and I attend Calvary Baptist Church. Larry has done more for Clemmons than any one person that I know. He worked for the Sheriff’s Office when I first met him. Larry Kirby is a great Christian man. I would vote for him but I live in Winston-Salem. Don’t let this opportunity go by.  Take my place and vote for Larry Kirby for mayor.

— Richard W. Bethune