Letters to the editor — Oct. 17

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 17, 2019

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Casting a vote for Cameron and Kirby

When my wife and I moved to the Winston-Salem area in December 2003 as the result of a job relocation, we asked, “Where do we live?”

The only thing I was told was “go west.”

That entailed a lot of houses in different areas. We were amazed at the tax base in Clemmons, and the fact that Clemmons was one of the top 100 communities in the United States to live in, sealed the deal.

While I was never involved in politics and always left it to the other person, I decided to attend a village council meeting to see what made Clemmons so special.

Not a lot of “citizens” (people) were in attendance, but the council members came up to me and introduced themselves and thanked me for coming. At the meeting, it was brought up that Mary Cameron would be holding a Clemmons 101 class as the village public works building.

I decided to attend. It was well attended, and I was amazed about how little I knew about what made the village the way it was.

The public works director was an individual by the name of Larry Kirby.

I started to be a regular at the bimonthly village meetings and was impressed by the knowledge and love for Clemmons by these two individuals. They not only did their jobs, but went above and beyond, to make sure that village expenses were held in line to avoid having to raise our tax base.

These two individuals love their community and only want to make it better. They have no hidden agenda.

That is why my vote this coming November will be for these two individuals.

— Errol Rich

Vote for Cameron

Two years ago, Clemmons was covered with signs saying “Stop.” A handful of people, most of whom don’t vote in Clemmons, had only a negative and irrational campaign. For whom did this little group want promoted? No one. Reactionary negative campaigns help no one. And when only 10 percent of Clemmons voters cast their ballots, it wasn’t hard to litter the community then go away. We got what they paid for. Since then, we’ve seen how some new village council members, who never exhibited leadership or civil service, filled seats.

Mary Cameron served Clemmons with a focus on conservative use of our tax money while bringing a history of decisiveness and leadership. These strengths have been vetted for years, successfully. Additionally, Cameron gives her time to Clemmons Rotary, the Clemmons library and multiple other parts of Clemmons’ life – never for political purposes. She loves this community. In Rotary, I know she has served generously. Her experiences and leadership make her a valuable contributor everywhere she goes and through multiple civic issues in and around Clemmons.

As one who has attended most of the Clemmons Village Council meetings in the last two years, I’ve seen the indecisiveness of some council members that caused delays while observers scratched their heads about some decisions. Money for “Stop” led to unvetted, unknown council members (who voted “go” later). Clemmons deserves proven leaders, not unvetted people. If you want to see leadership, Mary Cameron will give that back to our community.

— Paul Johnson