Letters to the editor — Dec. 19

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 19, 2019

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Lofland’s speech about ‘elites’

A couple of weeks ago, the Clemmons Courier’s review of the council term of Mike Combest was a terrific compliment to a man who’s wisdom, drive and leadership was an incredible benefit to the people of Clemmons.

In contrast to the farewell speech of General Combest was that of Ms. Lofland, who spent the bulk of her words lambasting people, some by name, for her loss in the election. In a remarkable misunderstanding, she attacked the elites of Clemmons and proclaimed that the people who live north of Peace Haven Road should be as relevant as those below the road who are the elites. They were confounding proclamations.

It’s disappointing that her closing speech didn’t feature a graciousness about serving. While that was part of her speech, the focus and strong tone of voice was about the elites and geography of Peace Haven Road. Since I’ve lived in Clemmons for 22 years north of the Peace Haven borderline, I never felt like I was deprived of any precious status.

But more significant, the elites of whom she spoke were really the handful of people who ran a mean campaign that sought to oust some council members with no intention of electing Lofland. Her election was the result. After that election, I warned that those people were not likely to be there in support of Ms. Lofland, since her election was not their goal, last time. When the so-called elites combine their efforts we don’t get good representatives, anyway.

With the exception of one of those people who tried to push his will with last-minute tosses on driveways of sandwich bags with blurbs and stones, the people voted with a normal view. She did not seem to see that the people — the people — voted to place her fourth and out of office.

A gracious speech would have left all listeners hearing the joy she had to serve. It was lost in the anger at people when it was the voters and no elites that determined the outcome and her defeat, this time. I give her and anyone credit for their willingness to be a servant and leader in Clemmons. It’s a terrific place to live. The voters are supreme — not elites.

— Paul Johnson