1. Medical exam kit

TytoHome is a lightweight and portable medical exam kit. Using TytoHome, patients can connect to a Novant Health provider who can virtually examine the heart, lungs, skin, ears, throat and abdomen from wherever they are — potentially eliminating a rush to the emergency room or the doctor’s office. This could be especially handy for parents of young  children prone to ear infections and other common afflictions. TytoHome is FSA eligible and available at NovantHealth.org/TytoHome.

2. Makeup

Makeup that is SPF 30 or higher is FSA eligible and serves as the perfect opportunity to stock up on needed cosmetics such as sunscreen, acne treatment and lip balm. The sunscreen can hold well into next year, letting you save money when you hit the beach in summer.

3. Glasses

If you need a new pair of shades or have been procrastinating on upgrading your prescription glasses, now is as good of an opportunity as ever. Sunglasses, prescription glasses and reading glasses are all FSA eligible with a prescription. Even if you take delivery next year, they’re covered by this year’s account as long as you pay in 2019.

4. Breast pump and accessories

If you’re a new parent, pregnant or plan on having children in the near future, then buying a breast pump and accessories with your FSA money may be just the thing you need. Before you buy, know this: Most insurance companies will provide a free breast pump for new moms. Also, the special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants and children (WIC) also provides breast pumps to help moms who may not have private insurance, get a pump when they return to work or school.

5. Condoms and pregnancy/fertility kits

Yes, condoms and pregnancy tests are covered. Additionally, fertility kits can be quite expensive and using your leftover money on a fertility kit could be a valuable investment if you’re an adult looking to have children in the future.

6. Steam inhalers and vaporizers

If you’re a parent of young children or regularly get a stuffy nose, it’s important to know that steam inhalers and vaporizers are FSA eligible. Perfect for reducing pressure that causes congestion headaches and helping with breathing.

7. First aid kits

Using FSA funds to stock up on first aid kits for your home and vehicle ensures that you’re ready for whatever unfortunate circumstance may happen. You’ll have no trouble finding the vast array of kits out there.

8. Stretch bandages and athletic braces

If you’re looking to exercise or nurse pain after an intense workout, bandages and athletic braces are a great option to spend your FSA funds on. Options include knee braces, back braces and wrist braces. Band-aids and many other basics are covered, too.

9. Multipurpose thermometers

Having a thermometer is essential for any household. If yours is outdated or if you are looking to upgrade, there are many multipurpose thermometers with styles sure to fit your need. Whether you prefer digital or the classic style thermometers, each option is FSA eligible.

10. Prenatal vitamins

Prenatal vitamins provide many benefits during pregnancy, such as healthy bone growth in infants. They also help prevent iron deficiency and supply more oxygen to the baby during pregnancy. Multiple vitamin supplements? Maybe you should save your money.

11. Heating and cooling pads

Therapeutic heating and cooling pads serve as a great way to relieve pain and help your body relax. These are great to stock up on as the spring and summer approaches and the amount of daily activity picks up.

12. Blood pressure monitor

Being able to check your blood pressure without having to go to the doctor is recommended. Tracking your blood pressure allows you to directly see the effects of any lifestyle changes and serves as a great step toward a healthy lifestyle.

Other options:
• Shoe inserts/foot care.
• Sleep aids, including vaporizers, sleep masks and bed warmers.

Please note that coverage of the above items may vary based on your insurance company.