Letters to the editor — Jan. 2

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 2, 2020

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Class of ’69 a special event

In 2019, a number of “50th anniversary” events took place celebrating the outstanding year of 1969: Man walked on the moon; Woodstock celebrated music and freedom; and Sesame Street, PBS, Wendy’s, Cracker Barrel, ATMs and Tic Tacs were introduced and became familiar parts of our daily lives. And the West Forsyth High School Class of 1969 graduated.

Celebrations across the country honored these special events throughout the year. The Class of ‘69 reunion held in Clemmons at The Village Inn on Sept. 21 was a wonderful evening of celebration. Special thanks to the reunion committee who planned the event, and to everyone who shared contact info to these classmates: Chris Todd, Tonyia Mickey, Sarah Haden, Beckie Shutt, Judy West, Susan Hinshaw, Joan Lincoln, Donna Williams, Debbie Lakey, Ruby Stone, Vickie Vanhoy, Shireen Jeffus, Frances Gough, Libby Coggin and Cathy Farmer.

Decorations, photographs and memorabilia were displayed throughout the venue. Photos spanning the 12 years of fellowship, going back to our elementary school days at Clemmons, Lewisville, South Fork and Vienna schools, Southwest Junior High School and West Forsyth Senior High School, plus newspapers, letter sweaters, etc. sparked vivid conversations among us all. Special guests in attendance included our teachers Maxine Mast (English) and Sally Huffman (home economics) who greeted their former students. A special visual tribute to our teachers Maxine Perdue (math, drama) and John Forman (band, chorus) illustrated their outstanding contributions in scripting and orchestrating the West Forsyth “Follies” held annually during their years on the faculty. Our fellow classmates who have passed away since graduation were honored with their photos displayed amidst candles and flowers. Classmate Tom Vance shared a blessing before we dined. Delicious food and beverages, festive lights and music, open spaces to socialize and dance all contributed to the special evening we shared from 6 p.m. until midnight.

Just 53 days after we walked together on May 29, 1969, to receive our diplomas in the West gymnasium — departing into the big wide world of life experiences before us — two men walked on the moon for the first time in the history of mankind. And the world has never been the same.

— Darla Morgan Johnson
WFHS, Class of 1969 

Inconsistent Christmas lights

I would like to share my concern for the Christmas lights displayed on the utility poles in the village and the fact they were very inconsistent in color and brightness. They did not present the image I have always thought the village wanted to give to all of the residents and visitors that pass through to see the light show at Tanglewood.

I called the village hall last week and they connected me to Public Works. I explained my concern and the very nice lady I was speaking with explained she was not aware of the problem but that money was tight.

My thoughts, in short, are do it right or don’t do it at all. Why spend the tight funds to put up and take down a bunch of decorations that are not up to standards?

My solution is to budget in the money now to clean or replace the bulbs in the defective lights for next Christmas so the decorations present the image I think the residents of Clemmons want and deserve.

— Jim Parker