Lowes Foods’ Sunmill Direct features wines from southern France

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 5, 2020

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Quarterly featured wines are available exclusively at Lowes Foods

WINSTON-SALEM — If you are looking for a unique wine you would not typically find in a grocery store, Lowes Foods has something new that you’ll really love. Lowes Foods has dedicated areas of its stores called Sunmill that feature a wide range of wine selections year-round, but a new program called Sunmill Direct offers exclusive wine selections each quarter at an unbeatable value.

“Throughout the year, we are visiting vineyards around the world and bringing our favorite labels back to the Carolinas,” said Charles Slezak, Lowes Foods director of beverages. “Since we are working directly with the vineyards, we are able to have good deals on wines most people would not be able to buy. They are in limited quantities, so they are here while supplies last”

Until the end of March 2020, Sunmill Direct is showcasing four labels from the Languedoc-Roussillon region in southern France:

  • COCHON VOLANT RED 2018 — a deep red wine has glints of violet on the edges of the glass and offers fruity aromas with a hint of cherry. Notes of crushed raspberry and Burlat cherry provide a complex taste while the tannins give this balanced wine a great structure. Cochon Volant Red 2018 pairs especially well with duck breast, roast pork, roast beef, and lamb chops.
  • RED LIRAC DOMAINE DES CARABINIERS — a deep red wine is heady, powerful, and hearty, with garrigue and smoky notes and an aroma of strawberry and spices. Red Lirac Domaine Des Carabiniers pairs well with cooked meat, charcuterie and cheeses such as comet, brie, and Roquefort.
  • TAVEL ROSÉ DOMAINE DES CARABINERS — a deep pink wine possesses a soft, fruity aroma and a lingering taste with a well-balanced roundness and acidity for a rosé that’s great year-round. Tavel Rosé Domaine des Carabiners pairs particularly well with everything from fish, to spicy dishes, to dessert.
  • CAIZERGUES LES MAGNARELLES — a ruby red wine contains notes of cherries and red plums. Its complex flavor of spice and minerals is underpinned by an exciting freshness. Caizergues les Magnarelles pairs well with most grilled meats and pasta dishes.

For more information, please visit lowesfoods.com/en/Sunmill-Wines.