Titan Tattler: School remains closed due to coronavirus

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 26, 2020

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Titan Tattler Kelly Kendall

By Kelly Kendall
For the Clemmons Courier

The Titans are wrapping up their second week of school closure due to the national spread of coronavirus. Though it is unclear how long school will remain closed, some estimate it will extend beyond March 30 and into spring with West’s prom being canceled on May 22. Despite it, the Titans are still bringing their all to new forms of learning these past couple weeks.

Most classes have moved online due to school closures, with teachers using a variety of online platforms including Powerschool Learning, Google Classroom, and Zoom. Students should be sure to join their teachers’ remind pages as well as be able to log into their school emails. These can be accessed by going to Office 365 online and entering the first four letters of your first and last name as well as the last four numbers of your student number followed by @wsfcsstudents.net.

Last Friday, March 20, Collegeboard announced its plan to alter AP exams in response to school cancellations. These exams will now be 45-minute multiple-choice tests that can be taken online and at home, they also will not cover all of the units usually learned in a school year. Fortunately for AP students, these exams will still count for college credit.

In this time of uncertainty, many students, especially seniors, have seen unexpected and disappointing changes to their year. However, I encourage my fellow Titans to remain positive through this and remember the community we love at West Forsyth. As always, go Titans!