Titan Tattler: Titans welcome spring break

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 9, 2020

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Titan Tattler Kelly Kendall

By Kelly Kendall
For the Clemmons Courier

With the fourth week of “e-learning” coming to a close, Titan students and staff look forward to spring break. It will last from Friday to Monday, April 20.

Though school is already out, this year’s spring break will mean no online learning, freeing up time for students and staff to take a break from their computer screens. Let’s see what else the Titans are up to.

Meals from West will not be served Friday in observance of Good Friday, however; double meals will be served today. During the week of spring break, meals will continue to be served.

Last week, Collegeboard released its new schedule and plan for AP exams. These typically hour-long exams have now been shortened to 45 minutes or less and will either include a reduced number of multiple-choice or free-response questions. As planned, these exams will take place in May with makeup exams taking place in June. For more information, go to the Collegeboard’s website.

Before Monday, June 1, all seniors should fill out the online “Senior Exit Information Survey” that has been emailed to all parents and can be found on the West Forsyth homepage. Seniors should also fill out a Google Form letting the Zephyr know their plans after high school if they wish to be featured in the annual Senior Map! Contact a Zephyr staff member for more information.

These past four weeks have not been easy on Titan students and staff, I hope that my fellow Titans will use this spring break to relax, find some fun at-home activities, and of course, stay safe. Go Titans!