Ross wins North Carolina NFMC Essay Contest

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 7, 2020

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Abby Ross has been named as the National Music Week Essay Contest Winner for the state of North Carolina by the NFMC (National Federation of Music Clubs) for 2020. Each year, the NFMC, a prominent organization of musicians and music lovers, sponsors National Music Week. Its objective is to create an understanding and appreciation of the value of music in the home, the community, the nation and around the world. Multiple activities and events are planned across the nation in support of this 98th year of celebration. Part of the annual activities includes an essay contest open to students in grades 7-12 with a winner being named in each participating state. This year’s Music Week theme and essay theme was “Music…a Magic Carpet.” William Ellis Middle School eighth-grade student, Abby Ross, wrote the winning essay for North Carolina. She is the daughter of Matt and Lauren Ross and big sister to Parker Ross, residing in Advance. Ross performs her annual studio recitals at Clemmons Presbyterian Church in Clemmons. She is also a long-time participant in the annual NFMC Junior Festival held each year at Wake Forest University. In addition to her state-wide winning essay for this year, Ross has shown great accomplishment in earning her NFMC Gold Festival Cups for piano solos, hymns, piano duets, and American patriotic/folk songs for 2020. This is her second year receiving all superiors in her vocal performances in musical theater and vocal art song as well; hoping for her first level gold cups in singing in next year’s 2021 event.   

Ross has also invested time in musical theatre. In September, she was in Matilda with The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem, and this past fall she was the lead role in Annie Jr. at her school. Ross is also a key member in her middle school band, being one of the two bass clarinetists, and a pianist in the jazz band. Ross received fourth place on the Patriots Pen Essay and has been recognized for having the highest grade-point average in all four of her core classes for this school year. Ross would like to thank her piano and voice teacher for all her help in all of her musical endeavors, and her parents for all their help in everything. Ross is a student with Teresia Queen, of Advance, and feels honored to have been chosen on the national level as this year’s winner. She hopes all people, everywhere, can have a personal connection with the “magic” music brings to our lives.

Below is her winning essay which will also be published in the official NFMC magazine “Jr. Keynotes” in the upcoming issue for spring. She receives a cash award and the 2020 state title for her good work. 

Music is a Magic Carpet Ride

Music is a magic carpet ride because it can take you to places you never knew existed, it can make your soul fly, and it can make you smile at any moment of the day. Music is really a fun way to “travel.” Anyone who rides would understand its true powers to make you feel so happy. When you think of a memory always remember the good parts, then you can never go wrong on your magic carpet ride!

Music can take you anywhere in this world. I don’t mean literally, I mean that one single song can remind you of a trip, and so the magic carpet ride can bring you back to that memory. A song can make you think of a place you’ve never been, but you want to see. This magic carpet ride doesn’t have to be a place, just hop on with a memory already in mind!

Music can make your soul fly — when you ride this magic carpet you feel like you’re on top of the world. Certain songs will make you feel like you are flying around the world. Music can make your soul sing. When you climb aboard your magic carpet of music, you can never go a wrong way with your soul in control. Singing is a way for your soul to express itself. The soul will always enjoy these rides as long as you let it sing the song!

Expressions through music can make you happy. You just have to let yourself experience the wonderful ride. Most songs can make you happy because of the memory that you think about when you hear it. It can also make you sad, calm, scared, angry or excited. Depending on your last time hearing a particular song and what was going on at the time. A musical carpet ride can be enjoyed with friends and family too! You will always remember that memory. If it is a happy song and memory let yourself go and be happy!

Now do you understand how music is truly a magic carpet ride? You only need a good memory, a good mood, or a sense of adventure. If you have all of these combined you can go anywhere in this world, or out of this world! Just let yourself go into the happy thoughts of the songs. You can never go the wrong way with a magic carpet ride through the joy of music.