Titan Tattler: Students dive into AP exams

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 14, 2020

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Titan Tattler Kelly Kendall

By Kelly Kendall
For the Clemmons Courier

Titans taking AP classes this year are taking the notorious AP exams this week and next week. The exams began on Monday and have seen several changes due to the coronavirus pandemic that has shut down schools and cut instructional time short. Let’s see what students can do to be prepared for the remainder of these exams.

Students should remember that these exams will be taken over a 45-minute period and include one or two free-response questions. Some exams, including those related to music studies and foreign language, may be required to have audio devices as well.

Students should also keep in mind that these exams are open-note, meaning that any materials they have from their classes can aid them during the exam. This also includes the internet, though it is not recommended and could potentially waste time. However, this open-note policy does not include the use of social media sites or interacting with other students.

This year, students have the option to upload files in three ways: copying and pasting their responses, attaching a document file, or uploading photos of their work. This multitude of options allows students to type or handwrite their responses, thus students should choose the method that’s most advantageous to them. Try using the demo exams to become familiar with these processes.

Though these tests are not the arduous three-hour exams they used to be, testing can still be stressful for students, especially when college credit is on the line. However, I hope test-takers will remember all the hard work they’ve put in and give these exams their best effort. Go Titans!