Letter to the editor — August 13

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 13, 2020

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In support of LeGrand

Terri LeGrand is running for N.C. Senate District 31. LeGrand will be an asset to the senate, to her constituents and to all of those in North Carolina. She listens to the people, not special interests at the expense of families, our children, and our environment. She understands that our world is going through a transition. She will support structural changes needed to ensure that everyone, individuals and businesses, will succeed.

LeGrand supports quality education. She agrees with a 1987 N.C. Supreme Court decision that said every child deserves a quality education. She knows that fully funding education means preparing our children to compete in today’s economy, regardless of their zip code. LeGrand realizes that healthcare costs are spiraling out of control. That’s why she’ll work hard to ensure North Carolinians have affordable, quality, and accessible health insurance; and expand access to those who currently don’t. This pandemic has shown just how crucial this is.

She knows that workers need to be paid a living wage for the labor they provide. With wages stagnant, this is extremely important. She recognizes that housing costs are out of control. We must take action so that people have a place to call home. LeGrand also cares about our environment and will support a transition to clean renewable energy and green jobs.

LeGrand will genuinely fight for us. She doesn’t take contributions from special interests and corporate PACs. In doing this, she’s proven that when elected, she will listen to and work for the people. Please support Terri LeGrand, by volunteering with her campaign, with your contributions, and your vote.

— Gayle Goldsmith