Letters to the editor — Sept. 3

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 3, 2020

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Besse is for workforce, education

When companies look at coming to a state or city, they often ask current employers about their experiences. Top on the list of questions is workforce, education, and infrastructure. As a Winston-Salem City Council member for 16 years, Dan Besse has met with many of these company officials, and he supports good public schools and community colleges; and excellent roads and transit, water and sewer, and other services. Dan knows that North Carolina’s workforce is second-to-none.

As an older adult, I also know Dan will protect my Social Security and health care benefits. This is of utmost importance to me, as I want to maintain my independence as long as possible, and cannot do so without Social Security.

Dan is running for North Carolina House District 74, an area of Forsyth County that has seen the change in job opportunities over decades and that is committed to supporting companies that provide jobs that pay well, include good benefits, and provide paths to long-term success. He supports the investment cities, counties, and the state must make to provide good infrastructure and the need to have reasonable tax rates for everyone.

Our community colleges often are on the front lines, providing the training companies need to locate or expand here, and Dan, who has taught at Forsyth Technical Community College, is a strong supporter of them, as well as our public schools and our other higher education institutions.

We can look to Dan Besse to be a leader in creating jobs, providing a quality education, and working for the needs of all North Carolinians.

— Joy Cole

In support of LeGrand

Over the past few years, the N.C. General Assembly has hurt our health care system, damaged the air we breathe and water we drink, ignored the warning signs of climate change, and drastically cut education support to the bone. If they cared for their citizens, they would have been controlling healthcare costs, fighting for affordable health care for additional citizens and expanding support for education. More than 200,000 low-income people could have received health care coverage and millions of job-creating dollars could have flowed into N.C. if the General Assembly had taken action. This is even more dire now with the COVID-19 pandemic since so many people lost jobs and healthcare and more funding is needed for good quality safe education.

Fortunately, the chance to vote new leadership into office in November was made possible when the N.C. Supreme Court ordered that state legislative districts be modified to undo the unfair partisan gerrymandering. Much of Clemmons south of I-40 is now included in the new State Senate District 31 which appears to be reasonably balanced among Republicans, Democrats and unaffiliated voters. This new district now covers eastern and southern Forsyth County and all of Davie County. Readers should become familiar with the new House and Senate map as we near early voting which is just 13 weeks away. They can find their new district assignments at https://www.ncleg.gov/Redistricting.

Terri LeGrand is running as a Democrat to provide new leadership in District 31. Terri is committed to expanding health care and jobs programs, supporting schools and teachers, and bringing civility back to the Legislature. Voters should follow Terri and the strong cadre of others running to make North Carolina a better place to live and work. A vote for Terri is a vote for a better tomorrow!

— Linda Arrigo