Letters to the editor — Sept. 24

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 24, 2020

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In support of Zenger

It is a genuine privilege to be able to write a letter to endorse Jeff Zenger for N.C. House District 74.

A person’s true character is best judged over many years. I have known Jeff for over 30.

I first got to know Jeff well while he was living in Baltimore City, both working with at-risk teens and running a landscaping company. Jeff was tireless in his efforts to help the youth he worked with. He often offered work to the marginalized and struggling. It rarely was a benefit to his business, but he did it anyway because of the depth of care he has for others. During his time in Baltimore City, Jeff was on the front lines of poverty and crime. He has compassion for the marginalized while fully understanding the need to support law enforcement.

After Jeff and Julie moved their family to Lewisville, we had the chance to interact with them more often and watch as Jeff worked to build a construction company from scratch. Jeff knows what it is like to work hard for your goals. He understands what it looks like to bring a company through challenges like a recession. He understands that families are currently suffering due to COVID-19 and I know he will work to balance the fastest possible reopening and recovery with safety.

Jeff and Julie have raised four unique and wonderful children and have seen the value in having options of public, private, and home-schooling choices. From his time in Baltimore, Jeff understands the value of an education for those that are less privileged, and I know he will work to provide resources for choice that will allow all children and parents to find the right source for their children’s education.

I appreciate and agree with Jeff’s positions on policies. But more than just having policies, Jeff is an excellent thinker about the reason for his positions and policies. He is a man I know to be of the highest integrity, principle, and faith. But above all else, I know that Jeff is the friend I can call in the middle of the night and he will answer. That is Jeff Zenger and I hope you will consider voting for him for N.C. House District 74.

— John Lenham

Facts do matter

I must respond to Gus Preschle’s recent letter to the editor. Terri Legrand is denying that she has favored defunding the police. There is evidence to the contrary. In a talk with Terri episode, Hate Out Winston director and Terri discussed that “defund the police” was not popular and the strategy and message needed to be “reallocate funds” to other social programs. In an interview with the Kernersville News, Terri said she did not want to defund police. When pressed, she admitted to supporting “reallocating funds” from the police budget. I’d like to know how that is not “defunding.” By any other name it is still the same result.

There is a reason why law enforcement agencies are supporting and endorsing Sen. Joyce Krawiec. She is a strong advocate for law enforcement and keeping our communities safe. She wholeheartedly supports adequate funding for law enforcement and understands the difficult job they have.

I find it interesting that Preschle refers to dark money. That takes nerve when Legrand has boasted about how much more money she has raised than Krawiec. Mostly from other states. I’ve also received the negative mail and seen the negative ads against Krawiec from “Legrand’s Dark Money groups.”

Politics are a rough and tumble sport, but facts do still matter.

— JoLynn Tobar

A vote for LeGrand

I urge you to vote for Terri LeGrand. She is a sincere and thoughtful leader who is challenging incumbent Joyce Krawiec to be our next state senator in the new 31st district. LeGrand will protect our health and work for affordable health care for all. Her opponent, Krawiec, will not. LeGrand supports Gov. Cooper’s levelheaded COVID-19 guidelines. Her opponent has criticized Cooper and has sided with their party in rejecting the severity of the virus and ignoring the need to take reasonable precautions until the numbers come down. Krawiec is also a running mate of the candidate for governor who recklessly insists that all of our children go back in school, in harm’s way without face masks, putting them and the teachers at risk. The CDC and the federal and state health experts all call for masks in such situations. Those that do not respect the threat COVID-19 poses to our families and communities is playing a dangerous game that puts our lives at risk. LeGrand knows that reckless treatments, such as ingesting cleaning fluid — which our president jokingly or not suggested as a possible remedy — will not cure COVID-19; it will kill us. As soon as early voting begins this October, please vote. Your life and the lives of your loved ones could depend on it.

— James Marino

Trail near West Forsyth needs upkeep

The Village of Clemmons or a Forsyth County entity is responsible for maintaining access to the sewer lines in the woods behind the West Forsyth soccer field parking lot.

This area parallels a small stream and the trail may still be part of West’s cross country course. Bushwhacking and mowing this trial has not been regular since March’s physical shutdown of West maintenance of this area has been abandoned. Weeds are more than two feet high briars and other bushes have grown into the walking area and several fallen limbs across the trial.

A dozen or more residents, including me, use this trail seven days a week. Walking pets is the most common usage but a few joggers are also regulars.

When West students return user numbers will increase multi-fold.

Is it reasonable for the responsible entity to clear the trail now and adopt a consistent regular schedule year-round?

The next maintenance effort will require industrial bushwhacking and mowing equipment. Routine regular subsequent visits should only entail mowing.

To the appropriate government or civil entity: thank you in advance for becoming and remaining a good neighbor!

— John Arfmann