Letters to the editor — Oct. 1

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 1, 2020

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Krawiec deserves another term

Sen. Joyce Krawiec has served the citizens of Senate District 31 very well and deserves reelection.

When Sen. Krawiec was first elected, she hit the ground running. She spearheaded a bill that had been languishing for 10 years. This bill was to allow families who have children with autism to get coverage for their autistic children. Insurance companies had been fighting to avoid this coverage. Krawiec learned that state employees and those with Medicaid had this coverage. In other words, families paying for coverage for other families couldn’t even purchase it for their own children.

Krawiec took the bull by the horns and never stopped until a bill was passed to cover these children with the services they need. Thanks to her, many children in North Carolina can now get treatment to help them lead productive lives.

I have heard her say that this is one of the most rewarding and satisfying things she has accomplished as a senator. I am proud to support her in the upcoming election.

— Kristian Krawford

Krawiec has worked to improve education

Who wouldn’t support someone that supports students and the school system? Sen. Joyce Krawiec’s record on supporting students and teachers is amazing.

During her time in the legislature, teacher pay drastically increased, and our national rank on teacher pay and student success has also risen. I like to think of the old saying, “you get what you pay for,” just like when the Democrats controlled the state house and senate, teacher pay was one of the lowest in the nation, and North Carolina nationally ranked very low in student success.

During Krawiec’s senate tenure, the national rank for teacher pay and student success has risen. In the past few months, during a short session in Raleigh, Krawiec championed several outstanding bills that drastically support our students — starting with $70 million in funding for summer learning programs so that students who might not have done so well in the last year with COVID-19 could get help and catch up. She also fought for $30 million in funding for improving rural broadband so that students all over the state, no matter where they are located, could attend their Zoom classes daily.

One of my favorites that I will mention, but there are plenty more, was $6.5 million to eliminate the waitlist for children with disabilities to have educational opportunities. The clear choice for this election cycle in District 31 is Sen. Joyce Krawiec because, with her proven leadership, she can continue to better North Carolina’s students and teachers.

— Mark Baker

Krawiec supports the police

The reason why both the North Carolina Troopers Association and the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association endorsed Senator Joyce Krawiec is because she has always fought to protect the safety of her community.

Krawiec’s opponent has sights set on defunding the police. The proof lies in the opponent’s support of the We Are Indivisible pledge. Plus, in a recent video, Krawiec’s opponent also supports eliminating qualified immunity for police officers.

It is Krawiec who is the candidate of law and order. If you care about the safety of your community, re-elect Senator Joyce Krawiec. Our law enforcement will be voting for her. Will you join them?

— Aaron Berlin