Letters to the editor — Oct. 15

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 15, 2020

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Educational excellence

Success of our democracy depends on a well educated citizenry. Regrettably, our current legislature has failed us by under funding the public school system. It is time for new leadership with qualifications I see in Terri LeGrand, candidate for N.C. Senate District 31. Her program is far superior to Joyce Krawiec’s.

Terri supports full funding for public schools and raising teacher pay to at least the national average. North Carolina schools rank 37th out of 50 states in pay and are spending $3,692 less than the national average on students. Many teachers are spending roughly $500 out of pocket for classroom supplies. She is against taking money from public schools for private school voucher programs that are poorly designed and discriminatory. Terri will ensure that students and teachers have the protective and sanitation resources they need to stay safe until COVID-19 is a thing of the past.

School segregation has worsened. Terri will fight to make sure every child receives a quality education. Terri will work to make higher education more affordable. As a local college administrator, she knows what it takes to set students up for success. Terri also knows that college isn’t the path for everyone so she will fight for job training and workforce development in every community.

Terri knows that many cafeteria workers, bus drivers, custodians and other school support staff are underpaid. They deserve a living wage with benefits. Like teachers, many have to work two jobs just to put food on the table. Terri will provide more access to early childhood education, the foundation for the future of all children. Terri supports the N.C. Early Childhood Action Plan which focuses on health, safety and success. Terri is endorsed by the NC Education Association and is the best choice for educational excellence.

— Gus Preschle

LeGrand will work to protect the environment

Even with all that is happening in our state these days, I believe that our vote in the 2020 election will clearly be a vote in defense of our common home, our only Earth. The effects that climate change will have on our state will be felt from the mountains to the sea. North Carolinians who will be most affected by climate change will likely be the ones most unable to deal with them. We need a state senator who will take the lead in planning for a sustainable future. I believe that Terri LeGrand would be the attentive senator we need in the days ahead.

Having met Terri through her work with the Piedmont Earth Day Fair, and the Piedmont Environmental Alliance that she co-founded, I know of her grass-roots efforts to provide our community with breathable air and drinkable water. We need someone like her in Raleigh who will support efforts to protect our environment and will support investment in renewable energy and green technologies. That will create jobs to help North Carolina’s economy recover and lessen the impact of climate change.

I hope you will make plans to vote safely, and join me in voting for Terri LeGrand.

— Henry Fansler

LeGrand supports expanding Medicaid

Election 2020 — both state and national — weighs heavily on most Americans. As a concerned citizen, I am campaigning for Terri LeGrand’s run for District 31 N.C Senate seat. Terri’s position on education, environment, and jobs are supported by her lifetime of actions.

Two issues — health care and policing — are most important for me:

COVID-19 is one of our most important election issues. This pandemic has raised new concerns about the large number of uninsured or under-insured in North Carolina. Is the person packing your groceries insured? Perhaps not. Sadly, North Carolina doesn’t provide Medicaid coverage to individuals who earn too much for Medicaid, but not enough to afford private insurance; per the Winston-Salem Journal this is between 450,000 and 650,000 of our neighbors. It is time to close this gap, which Terri supports. In fact, according to a recent statewide study, 75% of North Carolinians also believe in closing this healthcare coverage gap, including 64% registered as Republicans. In District 31, 69% respondents support closing this gap. Incumbent Joyce Krawiec, however, is not on board with the majority of her constituents. According to RealFactsNC, “Krawiec does not support the Affordable Care Act and refuses to close the coverage gap for uninsured North Carolinians.” As we adjust to life in a deadly pandemic, surely, we can do better for our neighbors and ourselves, and Terri can help to make that happen.

Another equally important issue is Terri LeGrand’s position on policing. Simply put, Terri does not support defunding the police. In August, Terri went on record with the Kernersville News stating that she does not support defunding the police. But if you are watching TV and receiving mailers, you might be confused. Why? Because Joyce Krawiec is messaging that Terri is in favor of defunding the police — this is a blatant lie. Lying is a reprehensible leadership quality; we’ve seen where lying has gotten us at the national level; we cannot tolerate that in our district.

If you want leadership rooted in integrity and grit, Terri LeGrand is the senator of choice in District 31. Visit terrilegrand.org to learn more.

— Judy Isaksen

Supporting schools

As a parent, I have always supported my children’s schools and teachers. I’ve been an active member of the PTA and even did a few stints as room parent. I have, however, gained a whole new appreciation for teachers since remote learning began last March. Our teachers are amazing, dedicated, hard-working professionals.

I think it is a terrible shame that the North Carolina General Assembly doesn’t seem to value our teachers as they should or as they claim. Teacher pay in N.C. is still in the bottom half of all U.S. states. But when you remove the supplements given by local counties, our teacher pay lands among the lowest.

Per-pupil spending is even more dismal. N.C. ranks 48th in the nation, which is pathetic. In addition, many of our schools are bursting at the seams and in need of repair. Infrastructure spending is desperately needed especially with students returning to poorly ventilated buildings. That’s why I am supporting Terri LeGrand for N.C. Senate District 31 and Dan Besse for N.C. House District 74. Terri and her daughters attended N.C. public schools. Dan also attended public school and his mother was a public school teacher and principal. Terri and Dan will fully fund our schools and increase teacher pay. Let’s face it — Joyce Krawiec has had six years to do something about this and hasn’t and Jeff Zenger wants to give our public education dollars to private schools. It’s time to vote Joyce out and vote Terri LeGrand and Dan Besse in.

— Linda Arrigo

In support of Zenger

As a longtime resident of Lewisville, I have observed Jeff Zenger during his service on Lewisville Planning Board as well as on the Lewisville Town Council. In these situations, he has shown his ability to devise practical, fiscally conservative solutions to whatever issue being considered. He has worked tirelessly for small government as well as bringing innovative approaches to small government operations. He is courageous about taking the best, most efficient position rather than the most popular.

Jeff will work diligently to bring ethical, effective, and conservative ideas to state government. I would encourage you to vote for Jeff Zenger for House District 74. He will always remember that he works for you and not for liberal, special-interest groups.

— James Lowe

What do you expect from your state government?

Terri LeGrand, candidate for N.C. State Senate District 31, wants to work both sides of the aisle to create a healthy and safe place to live.

The Milford Quarterly, a health journal publishing peer-reviewed research, published a study that found states have longer living citizens when they addressed quality healthcare and better health. The findings were clear: politics affect public health and longevity — with a difference of up to seven more years of life. The South did not perform well in the study. You have a right to demand your representatives return results to you with your tax dollars instead of tax breaks for big corporations or feathering their own political nests with it.

Vote for Terri LeGrand, an outstanding leader who will work for an economy with more equitable opportunities for all, public safety, quality and affordable health care for all, and full funding for education and teachers.

— Lana and Richard Furr

Who is preferred?

My vote goes to Terri LeGrand for N.C. Senate District 31. Check Terri’s website. She advocates for people-centered programs: better schools, better teachers, more resources to higher education and training and re-training as well as Medicaid expansion and improved access to health care for all citizens.

Meanwhile, Joyce Kraweic, her opponent, is on record as saying that if the brains of women who march were lard they couldn’t grease a small skillet. So, ladies, how does that make you feel? Ms. Kraweic’s Facebook campaign site also proudly sported a poster reading “God, guns, Trump.” Does this sound like a candidate with a positive program to improve the lives of North Carolinians? Not to me.

Do we need a senator who deals in petty insults, denigrates women and doesn’t promote a detailed, positive, forward-looking program for people or a senator who will fight for people? Vote for Terri LeGrand for Senate District 31. You’ll be happy you did.

– Kenneth R. Ostberg

Consider ideologies and values

May I suggest that when you vote in this year’s elections, go deeper — deeper than voting for people. Setting personalities aside, consider how their political parties’ values and ideologies will drive our country the next four years. Consider …
… which party supports stringent regulations on businesses, and vote for the other.
… which party is soft on law and order, and vote for the other.
… which party is stronger on religious freedom, and vote for that one.
… which party supports the traditional family values, and vote for that one.
… which party has done the most for creating the climate for job creation, and vote for that one.
… which party is a home for dangerous Marxist/socialist elements creeping into our society, and vote for the other.
… which party promotes a culture of life, and vote for that one.
… which party favors judges legislating from the bench, and vote for the other.

— Michael Mills

Time for Krawiec to go

Several months ago, I had the “pleasure” of having a one-hour phone conversation with Joyce Krawiec. After lamenting the plight of the unemployed due to COVID, she blamed the chaos of the state program on the governor while most think that it is the work of the Republican supermajority in 2013. She then went on to lambast the governor while defending Donald Trump for his use of hydroxychloroquine. A day does not pass now that we do not receive postcards from her, making wild accusations against Terry Le Grand or pro-Krawiec cards telling us how she works closely with the governor. I believe Terry will help education and healthcare coverage in our state and that it is time for Krawiec and her lies to go.

— Howard Floch