Titan Tattler: West student body gets involved in election

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 22, 2020

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By Jackson Stanley
For the Clemmons Courier

As November approaches in an election year, controversy and quarrel creep emphatically behind it. Politically inclined students at West, especially those of voting age, believe that exercising the right to vote and completing their civic duty is as important as ever. In such a polarizing time as today, even students unable to vote are finding ways to volunteer or help in any way they can. Senior Evan Andrews’ 18th birthday comes a mere week after the voting deadline. Despite not being of voting age, he is determined to help inform and aid students that are voting.

“I wanted to be a student election assistant because I felt that I needed to do my part in this election, seeing that I am unable to vote in this cycle. I firmly believe that every citizen has the right to vote and often times this right hampered with through bias legislation, gerrymandering and gridlocked politics. I feel that working at the polls and helping people vote is one small way that I can help surmount these obstacles for the voting public. I encourage everyone to be a volunteer at your nearest voting precinct and to help the process along,” Evans said.

The emphasis to get out and vote if one is capable is as great as ever, and senior Douglas Miln believes that voting is essential to future well-being of the country.

“Voting has always been a very important practice of democracy in the United States. However, this year if you’re capable of voting it is necessary to do so to help justify and build the United States to a country we can all stand united and proud of together,” Miln said.

I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing this but, in such unprecedented times voting is important to say the least. For more information on your personal polling sites and times, go to www.vote.org.

Jackson Stanly is a senior at West Forsyth High School and this year’s Titan Tattler.