Blotter for the week of Nov. 19

Published 12:54 am Tuesday, November 17, 2020

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Below is a list of crime investigations and activities reported by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department in Clemmons and Lewisville last week.

• Nov. 9 — Autobreaking and larceny, 6800 block of Wishon Road, Clemmons. Suspect took wallet out of victim’s unlocked car.

• Nov. 9 — Paraphernalia — using/equipment, driving while license revoked/suspended, FCSO violation of auto law-equipment violation, 100 block of westbound I-40/Lewisville-Clemmons Road, Clemmons. Traffic stop yielded drug violation.

• Nov. 9 — Suspicious person, 100 block of westbound I-40/Lewisville-Clemmons Road, Clemmons. Located subject soliciting money.

• Nov. 9 — Autobreaking and larceny, 6900 block of Wishon Road, Clemmons. Subject reported vehicles broken into.

• Nov. 9 — Autobreaking and larceny, 100 block of Western Villa Dr., Clemmons. Unlocked vehicle broken into.

• Nov. 9 — Dog bites and attacks, 8800 block of Kings Tree Road, Lewisville. Dog bite.

• Nov. 9 — Dog bites and attacks, 1800 block of Ellison Creek Road, Lewisville. Victim bitten by stray dog.

• Nov. 9 — Trouble with neighbor, 200 block of North St., Lewisville. Family having issues with neighbor antagonizing animals.

• Nov. 10 — Shoplifting, 100 block of Westwood Village Dr., Clemmons. Subject stole from store.

• Nov. 10 — FCSO-police service, information provided, 100 block of Lowes Foods Dr., Lewisville. Subject came into the store and refused to wear a mask.

• Nov. 11 — Simple assault/non-aggravated assault, 4600block of Fieldspring Road, Clemmons. Victim was assaulted by subject.

• Nov. 11 — Suspicious vehicle, 4000block of Clemmons Road, Clemmons. Subject was sitting around at the park.

• Nov. 11 — Receiving stolen property from another jurisdiction, 3400 block of Hidden Forest Dr., Clemmons. Reporting party stated he found a stolen vehicle.

• Nov. 11 — Stalking, 2700 block of Lewisville-Clemmons Road, Clemmons. Male subject stalked female at her place of business.

• Nov. 11 — Harassing phone calls, 6300 block of Shallowford Road, Lewisville. Former roommate harassing former tenant.

• Nov. 12 — Drug violations, 1400 block of Lewisville-Clemmons Road/Southbound Clemmons Road. Marijuana located during traffic stop.

• Nov. 13 — Vandalism, 100 block of Sir Charles Ct., Clemmons. Victim believes that juveniles broke her door handle.

• Nov. 13 — FCSO police service-fraud, 690 block of Bridgewood Road, Clemmons. Gift card scam.

• Nov. 13 — Larceny from auto, 2600block of Neudorf Road, Clemmons. Catalytic converter was stolen.

• Nov. 13 — Traffic accident, 6300 block of Stadium Dr./Market Center Dr., Clemmons.

• Nov. 13 — FCSO police service-fraud, 200block of Plemmons Road, Lewisville. Subject believes unknown person used his social security number.

• Nov. 14 — Overdose, 1400 block of River Ridge Dr., Clemmons. Subject was located unconscious inside vehicle.

• Nov. 14 — Drug violations, 5000 block of Windsbury Ridge Road, Clemmons. Small amount of marijuana located on side of the roadway.

• Nov. 14 — Larceny, all other, 6100block of Stadium Dr., Clemmons. Flag stolen from mailbox.

• Nov. 14 — Police service-assist agency, 100 block of westbound I-40/Harper Road, Clemmons. Assisted highway patrol.

• Nov. 14 — Driving while impaired, 3300 block of Jessie Village Dr./S. Peace Haven Road, Clemmons. Suspect operated a vehicle while impaired.

• Nov. 14 — FCSO police service-information provided, 1800 block of Tucker Ct., Clemmons. Subject threatening to commit suicide.

• Nov. 14 — Trouble with juvenile, 6500 block of La Grande Place Dr., Lewisville. Unattended juvenile displayed knife to kids who live in his apartment building.

• Nov. 15 — Drug violations, 2300 block of Lewisville-Clemmons Road, Clemmons. Subject possessed marijuana.

• Nov. 15 — Trouble with neighbor, 7000 block of Orchard Path Dr., Clemmons. Homeowner stated her neighbor was messing with her trash cans.

• Nov. 15 — Shoplifting, 3600 block of Clemmons Road, Clemmons. Subject took items he did not pay for from store.