Blotter for the week of Nov. 26

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 26, 2020

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Below is a list of crime investigations and activities reported by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department in Clemmons and Lewisville last week.

• Nov. 16 — Dog bites and attacks, 7000 block of Windrift Ct., Clemmons. Dog bit victim while walking.

• Nov. 16 — FCSO police service-fraud, 8500 block of Brook Mill Dr., Lewisville. Caller wished to report a fraud.

• Nov. 16 — Trespassing, 500 block of Shiva Dr., Lewisville. Friend of ex-boyfriend was trespassing on property.

• Nov. 16 — FCSO police service-information provided, 1800 block of Barnstable Road, Lewisville. Unknown individual’s mail was being sent to wrong address.

• Nov. 16 — Trouble with neighbor, 100 block of Will Austin Ct., Lewisville. Neighbors were having dispute over dog silencer.

• Nov. 18 — Traffic accident, 2700 block of Lewisville-Clemmons Road, Clemmons.

• Nov. 18 — Traffic accident, 2800 block of Middlebrook Dr., Lewisville-Clemmons Road, Clemmons.

• Nov. 18 — Drug violations, paraphernalia-concealing equipment, FCSO violation of auto law-operation violation, 2400 block of Lewisville-Clemmons Road, Clemmons. Marijuana and cocaine located during a traffic stop.

• Nov. 18 — Autobreaking and larceny, 6800 block of Greenbrook Dr., Clemmons. Victim’s vehicle was broken into during the night.

• Nov. 18 — Larceny from building, 5800 block of Sunny Ridge TI., Clemmons. Mother stated that her daughter had taken $200 from her bedroom.

• Nov. 18 — Shoplifting, 1400 block of River Ridge Dr., Clemmons. Subject took four cases of beer from store.

• Nov. 19 — FCSO police service-information provided, 5400 block of Moravian Heights Ln., Clemmons. Reporting person’s ex-wife was making threats over the phone.

• Nov. 19 — Traffic accident, 6400 block of Sessions Ct., Clemmons.

• Nov. 19 — FCSO police service-50c violation, 3000 block of Forest Line Dr., Clemmons. No-contact order violation.

• Nov. 19 — FCSO police service-information provided, 6900 block of Morgan Place Dr., Clemmons. Apartment management wanted individual removed who trespassed on property.

• Nov. 19 — Overdose, 1600 block of Lower Brook Dr., Clemmons. Female overdosed on prescription medication.

• Nov. 19 — Suspicious person, 800 block of Ridge Gate Dr., Lewisville. Individual ran through yard and trampled Christmas lights.