Your Neighbor: Meet Bobbie Richardson

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 24, 2020

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By Mandy Haggerson
For the Clemmons Courier

Bobbie Richardson was born in Denver, Colorado, and appreciated from an early age nature and the enjoyment of outside activities. Once her family moved to Oak Grove, California, when she was 8, although it was a different climate, she was able to take advantage of new outside activities like surfing and rollerblading.

“When my parents decided to move to North Carolina my freshman year of high school, I was devastated to leave all of my friends in California. We moved to open a nail salon in Clemmons,” explains Richardson. She soon realized that it wasn’t going to be as bad as she had originally thought. Richardson embraced organized sporting activities like gymnastics and cheerleading to help with making new friends. She even met her future husband, Chris, through school at West Forsyth High School. Although, they wouldn’t date or get married until later down the road.

“Throughout high school, I worked at my mother’s nail salon in Clemmons. Once I graduated from high school, I continued to do so. It was a total of about 17 years that I worked there regularly,” notes Richardson. “During that time I had my two oldest children, Chance (20) and Caiden (15). I also started considering a different career track. I noticed more salons were opening, and when my mom’s health started declining, I decided to go back to school for nursing. She closed the salon, and I focused on my new career track.”

Richardson began working at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center in the intensive care unit once she completed her nursing program. “I love helping people in our community. When I started working, there were nursing shortages too. I have always been a caretaker instinctively,” says Richardson.

Richardson’s caretaking abilities also came in handy when she and her husband, Chris, who were married in 2010, added their son, Michael (6) and daughter, PJ (4) to their family. “During COVID-19, I’ve had to help with virtual learning with the kids. Luckily, I worked at the hospital on the weekends so I’ve been able to be there for my kids’ activities. It’s such a gift to be present in their lives,” reflects Richardson.

Richardson has felt fortunate to raise her children in a community where she has felt so embraced. “I’m grateful for the network of moms in my neighborhood of Clemmons West where we have formed a group that meets monthly. Pre-COVID-19 we met for dinners, and now we meet virtually to give each other support and friendship,” explains Richardson.

Richardson was also encouraged by her network of friends to utilize her talents for woodworking and charcuterie boards. “What started as a hobby has actually turned into a side business. I have always been a foodie. I love curated cheeses and meats. I would bring charcuterie boards to gatherings and people would comment on how much they enjoyed them. So finally, I decided to make a small side business out of it where people can order the charcuterie boards with the meat and cheese or just the meat and cheese. Honestly, I was shocked at how much it took off. I’ve stuck to doing local orders only, but who knows what the future has in store,” says the owner of the Busy Brie Company. “What’s truly fun about it is that my younger children enjoy helping me too. They will even help sand the boards and pitch in. I love seeing their enjoyment with it. Each board that we create is unique and different too. I love that element to it. Woodworking has been a fun creative outlet with my family.”

Our neighbor has found that the journey of life is what is most rewarding, and Richardson is enjoying every step along the way.