Your Neighbor: Meet Dr. Sarah Jane Bost

Published 12:01 am Thursday, February 11, 2021

By Mandy Haggerson
For the Clemmons Courier

Dr. Sarah Jane Bost spent her early years in Wichita Falls, Texas, before her family moved to Oklahoma. “Growing up the with two older brothers, I was pretty active,” recalls Bost. “I didn’t wear much pink and was always playing a sport from tennis to soccer, you name it.”

When Bost was just 5, her parents divorced. “My grandparents spent a lot of time with us and helped to raise us,” says Bost. “They were a very integral part of my childhood. They taught us a lot about God and really exemplified how to be strong in our faith.” Bost also recalls her grandfather’s appreciation for medicine but the importance of always striking the balance of work and family. “Both my grandfather and mother were in the medical field. However, I recall my grandfather encouraging my mother not to attend medical school because he said it took away from being able to balance being a mother and a professional. I was so drawn to medicine, and I was determined to find a way to make it work,” remembers Bost.

Bost took her first step towards her dream of a career in medicine when she was accepted at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. “My best friend in high school went to school there, and from the moment I stepped foot on campus I enjoyed all of the traditions and experience the school had to offer,” explains Bost. She was also recognized for her strong academic pursuits and rewarded with an academic scholarship. “I received my undergraduate degree in biomedical science,” says Bost.

Bost was determined to continue her dream of attending medical school. She chose the University of Texas Health Science Center to begin her path to actualize her love of helping others medically. She also reconnected with her future husband, Tom during this time. “Tom and I met in high school, we didn’t truly start dating until at least six years later, even though we both always knew there was something there when we first met my junior year of high school. Tom went to Oklahoma State when I was at Texas A&M. Although we kept in touch, we broke up and got together with a series of pump fakes before we finally got married,” recounts Bost.

Tom was also very supportive of Sarah Jane’s dedication to a career in medicine. When Sarah Jane was offered an internship at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in 2007, they packed their bags and headed to North Carolina. Bost completed her internship and began her residency with Wake in 2010 focusing on anesthesiology. “It’s funny because initially we only expected to stay here for four years and now it’s 15 years later,” says Bost who also completed her fellowship through Wake Forest in 2011. Bost is now a neuroanesthesiologist at both the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Davie and Winston-Salem has appreciated finding the true balance in family and career that her grandfather always warned her was not possible.

“I have been very lucky because I have found a career that I am incredibly passionate about with Wake Forest Baptist Health. The training and opportunities that I have received have been life changing. When I became a parent for the first time, we had Tom’s family helping with childcare. When Tom’s dad became sick, Wake was incredibly flexible with my schedule so I could still work, and help be there for my sons, Paul (10) John (8), and Patrick (5) as they have grown up,” says Bost. “Now I work 30 hours a week where I will practice two days for 13 hours straight during the week and teach another day. I have greatly enjoyed teaching the residents and imparting to them what I have learned from experience. I truly believe in the importance of being a lifelong learner,” notes Bost. “That is something I try to share with the residents as well. Wake Forest has helped encourage that philosophy and provided ways to make it possible to constantly experience professional growth.”

When Bost is not practicing or teaching medicine, she relishes in her role as a mother when she is at home. “I’m the biggest mama bear ever. Just when you figure out what to do with one child, another one needs something different, but I love it and would not trade it for the world,” says Bost. The many lessons she learned as a young child; she tries to teach her children as well. “My grandparents were true followers of Christ, not just by what they said but by their actions. Tom and I share that with our children,” says Bost who soaks up any opportunity to read theology and the Bible. “It’s pretty simple, the Golden Rule, you want your children to follow the same,” notes Bost.

Bost’s journey to honor her passion and revere her grandfather’s advice helped her land in exactly the right place at the right time with the people who mattered most.